About Mom's Baking Co.

Welcome To Mom's Baking Co!

We dedicate our time in bringing you the best baking tips and tricks handed down by our trusted moms. ‘Cause moms always know best!

Whether you are looking to improve your cupcake game or are struggling to get your cheesecake right, we give you the answers to all your baking nightmares and help you become the star baker you’ve always dreamed of.

We also review and compare hundreds of different products, from mixers, bread machines, waffle makers, food processors and many more. We search the web far and wide and test out products ourselves to give you the most accurate and honest review. 

We review the most popular brands to ones you might not have heard of and we make sure we cover all price ranges to suit all our readers.

We hope you find Mom’s Baking Co helpful and if you have any suggestions of what we can write about next drop us an email!

about me

Hi everyone! My name is Angel and I spend far too much time baking, eating cake and writing about all things baking.

I grew up in a household where I was always surrounded by the aroma of the most delicious food.

I spent hours in the kitchen watching and helping my mom whip up the tastiest desserts and that made me completely fall in love with everything to do with baking.

When I moved away from home, I thought I had learnt everything I needed to know to continue my baking adventures. 

Little did I know I would be calling my mom every day in distress because my cake would come out domed, or because my cupcakes would turn out dense, or because my custard would curdle. What was I doing wrong? Didn’t I learn anything when I was watching my mom bake? 

There is never a moment in life where we wouldn’t turn to our moms for advice. Just like I would turn to my mom for baking advice, I want our readers to use Mom’s Baking Co in the same way. ‘Cause moms know best!