KitchenAid mixer alternatives

The 9 Affordable KitchenAid Mixer Alternatives You Need To See in 2023

It’s difficult to not love the drop-dead gorgeous KitchenAid stand mixer range. There’s a good reason why these American-made workhorses are the stuff of dreams for millions of bakers the world over. With a curved body, bold colors and a stylish retro aesthetic, KitchenAid certainly knows how to catch your attention. Unfortunately, their award-winning design isn’t exactly the only thing that will make you do a double-take.

Yes, it’s no secret that these mini-machines cost a small fortune. And with some models leaving you shelling out over $800, the reality is that KitchenAid mixers aren’t going to be for everyone. While those beautiful bowl-lift mixers might be a little out of your price range, if you are in the market for a stand mixer that performs just as well as KitchenAid, then you’re certainly not short on choices.

For all you budget bakers out there, there are some brilliant KitchenAid mixer alternatives. Many of these machines can go toe-to-toe with the features of their KitchenAid counterpart and come with their own interesting aesthetics that might suit your style better.

To help you on your journey to finding that perfect mixer, my list of KitchenAid mixer alternatives is broken down into two main categories. In the first section, I want to share some mixers that fall within the same, higher-end, price bracket as KitchenAid, whilst the second half of this list, I will share some more lower-cost machines that make for good KitchenAid substitutes.

Want The Quick Comparison?

Here are a few of the best KitchenAid mixer alternatives I think you’ll love!

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High-End KitchenAid Alternatives (Over $200)

Cuisinart SM-50 Precision Master

Cuisinart never fails to amaze me. It has a reliable range of blenders, food processors, hand mixers, and now the Cuisinart Precision Master SM-50. Of all the mixers on this list, this is my personal favorite alternative to KitchenAid. Not only that, but I think it’s a budget machine that’s more than capable of rivaling the popular high-end appliances out there.

When it comes to performance and quality, it is certainly up there with the best of them. The Precision Master offers 12 speeds – two more than KitchenAid – a 500-watt motor (which is more than enough to handle those tougher doughs) and a respectable 5.5 qt bowl with a handle.

The Cuisinart Precision Master SM-50 definitely trumps KitchenAid when it comes to ease of use too. The head is easily tilted backward and forward with a simple switch located at the back of the mixer. I think that’s a pretty nice touch, as it allows you to tilt the head regardless of which side of the counter you are baking on. Changing speeds could also not get any easier with the lighted dial and the easy-to-read numbers. I also really like how quiet the Cuisinart mixer is compared to other stand mixers out there. There is nothing worse than being deafened by the sound of your mixer firing up.

The Cuisinart comes standard with a splash guard, wire whip, flat beater and dough hook. There are also plenty of accessories available for this machine (it’s also compatible with KitchenAid accessories too!)

Take a look at this very detailed Cuisinart SM-50 review if you want to see it in action.

And if the spec doesn’t match your criteria it is worth checking the upgraded version, Precision Master Pro (pictured below), which features a 6.5 qt bowl and a beefy 600 watts of power. 

KitchenAid Alternative

So what’s the downside? Well, one of the few places that Cuisinart loses marks is on appearance. For example, although the mixer is made from durable, die-cast stainless steel, the chrome case at the back of the mixer doesn’t really serve any purpose and the plastic hub cover at the front makes it look flimsy and cheap. The speed dial also feels like it is made from plastic.

So, it might not be the prettiest-looking stand mixer you will have ever set your eyes on, but should that really matter? If you can put the aesthetics aside, then I think this is one of the best KitchenAid mixer substitutes currently available.

Smeg Stand Mixer

Smeg, a close rival to KitchenAid, is a popular mixer alternative that is of a similarly eye-watering price point.

For those of you that do not already know Smeg, it is an Italian luxury appliance brand, that creates machines for baking enthusiasts who want to make a serious statement in their kitchen. Just like the KitchenAid stand mixers, Smeg features some very distinguishing characteristics and has its own iconic aesthetic to suit. The bullet-like head and stainless steel body with a 50’s retro appearance make it the closest comparison to KitchenAid in regards to design.

This stand mixer isn’t just about looking good… packed under its beautiful exterior is an impressive 800-watt motor, which is more than double the wattage of a KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer offers. The motor speed is comparable to the strongest KitchenAid mixers rather than their popular Artisan Series. The 800-watt motor is certainly impressive, but when it comes to mixing tougher doughs, Smeg does struggle to keep up, so that is definitely something to keep in mind when looking for a stand mixer better than KitchenAid or an alternative. 

Apart from looks and high wattage motor, there isn’t much more to write home about here. It offers a 5QT bowl and 10-speed settings, which is very similar to KitchenAid. One thing to note is that all Smeg mixers have a ‘Smooth Start’ feature which allows the mixer to start at the lowest speed regardless of which speed you are at. KitchenAid does have a similar ‘Soft Start’ feature but it is not included in all its models (like the Artisan). 

If you are wanting to do more than mix with your Smeg, the selection of additional attachments is quite limited. You can get an ice cream maker, vegetable grater, pasta roller, pasta cutter, and food grinder. If you are into making homemade pasta, then this selection is more than enough, but if you are looking for a larger selection, then KitchenAid with its whopping 80-plus attachments might be more suitable. As for the standard attachments, you get a flat beater, dough hook, and a wire whisk.

If you are interested in Smeg and want to dig deeper into the differences between the two rivals, take a look proper look at the Smeg vs KitchenAid battle here.

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics

One of the most underrated stand mixer brands out there has to be Hamilton Beach. They have a few stand mixers currently out there but the best alternative to KitchenAid has to be the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics stand mixer. There are plenty of similarities between the Eclectics and the KitchenAid Classic. This machine has an almost identical 50’s retro look with a bullet-like head, a lever to change the speeds, and a quick-release tilt-head button to add ingredients swiftly. 

Where the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics stand mixer isn’t quite on par with the KitchenAid is in the power department. It does claim to be a 400-watt stand mixer, but it doesn’t perform as well with tougher doughs compared to the KitchenAid. Also, don’t be fooled by the number of speed settings. It claims to have 12 speeds but in fact, only has 6 settings which are significantly less than most stand mixers out there. 

For Hamilton Beach, the Eclectrics is one of their higher-end models. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly version take a look at the Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer and the Hamilton Beach 4 Quarts Stand Mixer. These two mixers are not only incredibly affordable, but they are also perfect for beginners, so if you are just starting out your baking ventures, they are definitely worth a look!

Stand Mixer Better Than KitchenAid

Kenmore Elite 6 Qt

Very similar to KitchenAid’s bowl-lift stand mixers, this Kenmore Elite stand mixer is a great alternative if you are looking to get your hands on a bowl-lift that is slightly cheaper than the KitchenAid models. The bowl-lift allows for better stability when mixing, especially tougher batters and the planetary action ensures all the ingredients are fully incorporated without leaving any ingredient behind. 

This stand mixer offers 10 speeds, similar to KitchenAid, and a 600-watt motor which (in theory) makes it more powerful than KitchenAid. 

What is great about the Kenmore Elite is the accessories included. In the box you get; a beater, whisk, dough hook, splash guard, and two mixing bowls. Yes, two bowls! It is very unusual for a stand mixer to include two bowls, but no complaints here, as this lets you play about with varying quantities. Not only that, but you can make two different batters at once without needing to clear out your bowl or have to fork out more money to get a second bowl.

If you thought two bowls were a great bonus, there is also an LED light that illuminates the bowl so you can see what is going on in there without needing to stop the mixer. The digital countdown is also a great addition as it lets you put your stand mixer on pilot mode – Set a timer for how long you want your batter to mix and once the timer finishes the mixer will automatically stop mixing for you. 

The attachments hub is also located in the same position as KitchenAid and lets you use attachments like pasta makers, meat grinders, and spiralizers.

Kenmore Elite Ovation 5 Qt

Similar to the 6QT Elite. That said, what makes this Kenmore Elite Ovation really worth a standing ovation, is the innovative pour-in hole at the top which allows you to add ingredients as your stand mixer is still going. This is such a clever design and I am surprised that this isn’t featured in more stand mixers. Having to stop the mixer, tilt the head back, and in some cases remove the attachment all just to add in another egg or some flour becomes a bit of a nuisance. Being able to add ingredients without having to do that is brilliant. This feature alone definitely trumps KitchenAid. 

Like the KitchenAid mixers, it has a planetary mixing action with 10 speeds which can be navigated using a speed dial. There is also a lever around the side of the mixer which allows you to tilt the head down and up.

I must say though, I am not entirely sold on the overall design of the mixer. There is nothing eye-catching about it. 

Affordable KitchenAid Alternatives (Under $200)

Frigidaire ESTM020

One of the cheapest stand mixers on this list is the Frigidaire stand mixer. Not only does this mixer look pretty similar to a KitchenAid, but performs pretty well too. Yes, it might be small, but it’s certainly mighty. The 380-watt motor and 8 adjustable speeds is more than enough for all the weekend bakers out there, and the pulse feature allows for extra control when mixing, which I think is a pretty neat addition.

It uses a tilt-head mechanism, just like all of KitchenAid’s smaller stand mixers, which can be maneuvered with a lever. The bowl capacity is slightly small at 4.7 qt but it is ideal for smaller families or if you don’t bake in large batches.

You can choose from 8 different bold colors plus the stand mixer includes a splash guard, dough hook, whisk, and flat beater. 

What really makes the Frigidaire stand mixer stand out is how light it is, at only 9 pounds, it is less than half of the weight of a KitchenAid. If you are someone who struggles to carry heavier loads, the Frigidaire might be just what you’ve been looking for.

AILESSOM Stand Mixer

Another one of the cheapest KitchenAid alternatives, the AILESSOM stand mixer boasts a powerful motor with 650 watts. It has 7-speed settings, including the pulse function and a speed dial which makes it easy to navigate through all the various speeds. 

The bowl has a capacity of 6.5 qt which is great for the price you are paying. The bowl is also food-grade stainless steel with a fine polish, making it durable and safe for you and your family to use. AILESSOM comes with a dough hook, wire whip and a beater. The splash guard is attached to the head of the mixer, making it easier to add ingredients without making a mess. 

Choose from 6 different colors; pink, red, grey, matte black, pastel blue, and silver.

Aucma Stand Mixer

Aucma is a great retro affordable alternative to Kitchenaid and with thousands of 5-star reviews, this one is sure to make an impression. It has a powerful 660-watt pure copper motor and 6 variable speeds along with a pulse setting. 

The large 6.5 qt stainless steel bowl has the capacity to make multiple batches of your favorite cookies and the handles on either side of the bowl make it easy to carry the bowl in and out. 

The sleek, retro appearance is enhanced by a double layer of paint and with 10 colors to choose from, you will not be short of trying to find one that suits your style.

The Acuma stand mixer comes with a flat beater, dough hook, wire whip, and a built-in splash guard, making cleaning up a whole lot easier.

Refurbished KitchenAid Mixers

All of the above stand mixers are high-quality, reliable machines, but they are not KitchenAid. So, if you are dying to get your hands on one but don’t want to commit to buying it at full price you have a couple of options. The first thing you could do is wait for a major holiday or sale, like Christmas, Black Friday or Amazon Prime. You are bound to find a good deal during these times. Take a look at when is the best time to buy a KitchenAid mixer to find out more. 

Another great option is to look at what refurbished stand mixers are available. If you don’t mind a few scuffs or marks, this is a great way to save hundreds of dollars, especially if you have your heart set on a high-end KitchenAid stand mixer model. Of course, you could go down the eBay auction route, but with the risk of being scammed, it is best to go down a more reliable way.
KitchenAid has its own refurbished outlet on its website and you can also pick refurbished ones on Amazon too. If you want to browse all the refurbished KitchenAid appliances, take a look here.

Which is the best KitchenAid alternative?

If you are searching for KitchenAid alternatives, chances are, you want an actual KitchenAid but are reluctant to purchase one for whatever reason. Why settle for second best when you can have the best? 

There is a reason why KitchenAid stand mixers are always at the top of the ‘Best Stand Mixer’ lists year after year. And in my very ‘unbiased’ opinion, KitchenAid is totally worth the investment.

If you really have your heart set on a KitchenAid, take a look at the refurbished options first. If there is a huge sale or holiday coming up, wait a bit longer to see if there are any good deals coming up.