Ankarsrum Attachments

The Complete List of All Ankarsrum Attachments You Can Get

Ankarsrum stand mixers have become increasingly popular amongst bakers, and for good reason. This Swedish powerhouse of a stand mixer is incredibly powerful, and versatile, and can be used for all kinds of culinary tasks. Its superior performance and ease of use make it an invaluable tool in any kitchen. 

One of the key components that make this machine so valuable is its range of attachments. From the dough hook to a citrus press or food grinder; Ankarsrum offers a wide range of attachments to help you make the most out of your mixer.

Ankarsrum attachments are not like any other stand mixer out there. They are unique and designed to work together in harmony with the Ankarsrum mixer. Let’s explore together the different types of attachments available for this powerhouse machine and see how they can help you whip up culinary masterpieces.

If you want to find out a little bit more about Ankarsrum and its stand mixers, take a look at my full Ankarsrum mixer review where I talk about the history of the company and the specs of their mixers.

Let’s dive into the array of attachments Ankarsrum has to offer!

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How Many Attachments Does Ankarsrum Have?

With the Ankarsrum, you get nine standard attachments that come in the box, including the two mixing bowls, and you also get a recipe book in addition to the nine attachments.

There are another 16 additional attachments and accessories available that will transform your mixer into the ultimate kitchen powerhouse.

As far as stand mixers go, the Ankarsrum has one of the largest selections of attachments that come in the box. Most stand mixers, even the high-end ones, will only include a whisk, dough hook and beater in the box. With nine attachments, Ankarsrum takes the lead on the attachments offered.

In terms of their additional attachments, 16 is not a bad selection at all. Of course, this has nothing on KitchenAid with its 100 plus attachments, but with 16 you can transform your mixer into something great.

Ankarsrum Standard Attachments

Let’s go into a little bit more detail as to what attachments Ankarsrum has to offer.

Dough Roller

Ankarsrum Dough Roller

Arguably the most unique attachment of them all; the dough roller. And yes, I said dough roller, not dough hook because it actually is a roller! This is by far the biggest advantage of having an Ankarsrum stand mixer.

The dough roller is unique to Ankarsrum and is an innovative design that is made to mimic kneading by hand. Pair it with the dough scraper and the end result is a supple, plump dough that will turn into the most delicious bread you’ve ever had.

This unusual attachment isn’t just limited to making dough. You can cream butter and sugar and make cake batter with the dough roller but most bakers use it for dough..

Dough Hook

Ankarsrum Dough Hook

Ankrsrum also provides a dough hook. But it’s not like any typical dough hook we are used to which is usually either a C-shaped or spiral dough hook.

This weirdly designed dough hook was actually a new addition to Ankarsrum when it was introduced to the United States. Before 1990, the dough hook was not an attachment used in Sweden.

The dough hook can be used to knead dough, but to get the best result, you’re better off using the dough roller instead. The dough hook is probably more suited to making shortcrust pastry dough and other similar types of pastry dough. It can also be used for high-hydration doughs as per the video below.


Ankarsrum Scraper

The scraper does what it says on the tin. It can be attached alongside any of the attachments and scrapes the sides of the bowl while the dough is being kneaded or the batter mixed.

This attachment helps ensure even mixing and prevents any ingredients from sticking to the sides of the bowl.

Multi-Wire Balloon Whisks

Ankarsrum Multi Wire Whisk

The multi-wire balloon whisks are similar to the regular wire whip or balloon whisks you get. Instead, Ankarsrum has two of those. The balloon whisks are best used for whipping up a meringue or whipped cream. You would use these for anything that is light that you want to aerate. 

You do not want to use the balloon whisks for tougher batter like cookie dough, creaming butter and sugar or thick icings. These batters easily get stuck between the wires and are a nightmare to clean. Plus the wires aren’t strong so you run the risk of damaging them if you put too much force.

Single Wire Beaters

Similar to the beater or paddle attachment you get with traditional stand mixers, the single-wire beater is ideal for making cookie dough or for batters that you are not wanting to put too much air into.

Similarly to the multi-wire whisks, you don’t want to mix anything tougher than soft cookie dough with the beaters as you might end up breaking the wires.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

The huge 7.4 qt stainless steel mixing bowl is one of the biggest bowls you can get. This bowl is almost exclusively used to make bread dough but can also be used to make large batches of your favorite cake or cupcakes.

Plastic Mixing Bowl

The plastic mixing bowl that comes with Ankarsrum has a capacity of 3.7 qt and is used for any other non-bread related baking task.

The bowl is made from durable Tritan plastic. Unlike other plastic bowls that tend to stain and smell, the Tritan bowl is nonporous, meaning it will not leave a greasy residue or stain after you’ve used it.

Wondering how you’ll mix hot ingredients in the plastic bowl? Well, the Tritan mixing bowl is completely heat-resistant and PBA-free, so you can pour hot liquids down the bowl without any issues.

To clean the plastic bowl, all you need is some warm, soapy water to easily remove any batter residue.


The white plastic lid that comes in the box of the Ankarsrum stand mixer fits on both the stainless steel bowl and the plastic bowl.

The lid is great to use when mixing egg whites, or when you are making whipped cream as it can protect you and your kitchen from all that unwanted splatter.

The lid can also be used on the stainless steel bowl as a dust cover when not in use, or you can use it as a lid to cover your dough as it proves in the bowl.

Spatula/Bowl Scraper

The bowl scraper is a great addition to the already generous list of standard attachments. With the bowl scraper, you can scrape down the sides of the bowl and get rid of all the last little bits of dough or cake batter that is stuck to the side of the bowl.

Another great thing you can do with the bowl scraper is to scrape any batter or dough from the attachments. You will no doubt have bits of dough still stuck in the groves of the dough roller or dough hook and the bowl scraper makes it easy to scrape that out.

Ankarsrum Accessories

Many stand mixers now have a universal hub where you can attach any additional attachments to your mixer and transform it into literally any appliance you can imagine. Do you need a new blender? Or do you want to make some fresh pasta? Your stand mixer can do all that for you!

KitchenAid was certainly the pioneer of this and has one of the biggest selections of attachments compared to any other brand out there.

Ankarsrum is not far behind in the innovation game and also has a selection of attachments that can be attached to the base of the mixer. This includes an ice cream maker, Ankarsrum grain mill and an Ankarsrum blender attachment.

Here is a list of all the different additional attachments you can get with the Ankarsrum stand mixer and all the different ways you can transform your mixer:

BlenderFor smoothies, sauces and milkshakes
Grain MillMake your own flour
Flake MillMake your own oatmeal or cereal flakes
Pasta Maker and RollersFresh pasta made from the comfort of your home
Citrus PressJuices oranges and lemons with ease
Ice Cream MakerHomemade ice cream in no time!
Grater/ShredderShred cheese or carrot for the perfect salad
SlicerMake perfect cucumber slices or slice zucchini
Sausage StufferMake your own sausages for barbecues!
Cookie Press Make delicious shaped cookies
Meat GrinderGrind your own meats for burgers, sausages and more
Vegetable and Fruit StrainerStrain fruit and vegetables to make sauces, jams and more
Vegetable CutterCut vegetables into perfect slices for salads or stir fry

Take a look at all the accessories in action!

Ankarsrum Spare Parts

After time and use, some of the attachments may need to be replaced. If your accessories and attachments do break down within the first year, you can get a free replacement from Ankarsrum as all attachments are covered by a one-year warranty.

If the one-year warranty has passed, fortunately, you can easily purchase spare parts for your Ankarsrum stand mixer from their spare parts archive on their website.

On there, you can find everything, from replacement panel knobs, shafts, replacement bowls, and even a spare cord set.

How To Attach Ankarsrum Attachments and Accessories

Ankarsrum doesn’t have the most traditional way of attaching accessories.

With a tilt head or bowl lift mixer it’s easy. You lift the head or lower the bowl, insert the attachment in the shaft and lock it in place.

With any additional attachments like pasta rollers or meat grinders, most stand mixers have a hub located on the head of the mixer where you can easily attach any additional accessories and gadgets.

Ankarsrum has a spring-loaded arm, a pin, two holes in which you can attach attachments, a screw for when you want your attachment to be fixed or if you want to move it around and if you want to use the meat grinder, you need to flip it on its side! I’m out of breath even just listing all of that!

As you can see, not exactly the easiest stand mixer to get your head around. So, instead of trying to explain how to attach every single accessory, if you take a look at some of the videos I have included in this article, you’ll find guides on how to attach most of the attachments and accessories.

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