Best Airbrush For Cake Decorating

Baker’s Choice: The Best Airbrush For Cake Decorating

Airbrushing cakes is a spectacular way to decorate a large area in a short time – that’s right, no more coloring buttercream or dying fondant to achieve your desired shade. Whether you’re aiming for watercolor or nebula designs, you can create these cakes in far less time with an airbrush.

But which to choose? Given the array of choices online it can be hard to know which airbrush to commit to. Don’t fret! We’ve rounded up the top airbrushes for cake decorating with recommendations on the best kits for everyone from professional cake decorators to beginners.

Want The Quick Comparison?

Here are a few Airbrush Kits I think you’ll love!

Best Airbrush For Cake Decorating

Here are our top choices for airbrushes and airbrush kits for 2023. Read on to discover our highest-ranking picks for all skill sets and budgets.

Best Overall Airbrush Kit

U.S. Cake Supply’s Complete Airbrush Decorating Kit comes in at number 1 on our list, and for good reason! This kit comes with a single-action precision airbrush and an air compressor with 3 airflow settings in addition to a guide complete with airbrushing tips and techniques. This airbrush is available as both a 14-piece set with 12 vibrant colors or a full 26-piece set with 24 eye-popping U.S. Cake Supply airbrush edible food colors.

This kit is great for everyone from mid-tier decorators to children with a passion for dessert decorating! And cakes aren’t the only thing you can decorate with this kit.

Best Airbrush For Beginners

Watson & Webb’s Little Airbrush is a small, simple and nifty airbrush, ideal for beginners and aspiring cake decorators alike. This single-action airbrush comes with 3 speed settings and a .4mm needle which can transition easily from large jobs to tiny detailing. This airbrush works at 15 PSI for quiet yet controllable pressure.

The compressor even comes with a washable air filter, which stops spray from being sucked back into the motor – a common cause of airbrush compressor failure.

You can purchase this airbrush alone or in a mid-sized 12-piece airbrushing kit with 8 Watson and Webb food colors (as well as the full kit with a carrying case and multiple accessories). 

Still, this mid-sized 12-piece airbrushing kit is our top choice for a cake airbrush kit for beginners.

Best Professional Airbrush Kit

For the professional baker, the Master Airbrush Model TC-320 Cool Runner II is an ideal choice. Available in a set with 12 Chefmaster food colors, this kit comes complete with airbrush holders, a cleaning brush set, and multiple airbrushes to achieve a multitude of effects. 

This airbrush kit contains a compressor with two cooling fans, which allow a continuous runtime without the risk of overheating as is needed for large or high-capacity projects. In addition, this full kit contains 3 different types of airbrushes (one dual-action, one trigger style, and one single-action) so you can decorate everything from wedding cakes to cookies in numerous styles and large quantities. 

To see these multiple airbrushes in action and learn a little more about this top-of-the-line airbrush, check out this youtube video:

Best Cordless Airbrush

Not everyone has room for an industrial-sized airbrush machine in their kitchen or workspace. Whether you’re living in a tiny home with a micro-kitchen or baking out of the world’s cutest cupcake food truck, we’ve got a recommendation for you. 

PME’s Portable Airbrush is cordless and rechargeable via USB, and comes in a gorgeous rose-gold color. This little baby is so aesthetically pleasing, you may just want to leave it out as decor!

Do note, this airbrush isn’t the best for large projects. Its working time is just 50 minutes (with a 90 minute charge time) and the pressure is low (11 PSI). Despite this, this is a great airbrush for cramped kitchens and small or occasional decorating jobs!

Best Airbrush For Bakers on a Budget

The Master Airbrush Airbrushing System comes with an ergonomic dual-action G23 airbrush and lightweight miniature TC-22 compressor, great for those who don’t have room for hulking compressors. The air delivery is 18 PSI, which is perfect for most culinary projects and ideal for beginners who find it easiest to start at lower speeds. 

In addition, this set comes with a carrying case and 4 highly concentrated Chefmaster food colors. For less than $100 you’ll be able to open the box and immediately start spraying! Okay, you should probably read the manual first.

Best Airbrush For Children

This kit may be considered a lower-end model, but I’d still recommend it for children who have a passion for decorating. Why? The trigger is lightweight and less resistant than other airbrush guns making it easy for tiny fingers to press and pull. 

Available in person at many Micheals locations (be sure to use a coupon for the best price!) as well as on Amazon, this kit is also an option for those who need to pick up an airbrush kit the same day!

Best Transportable Airbrush Kit

This complete Airbrush Decorating Kit comes with 25 Watson & Webb colors, 3 bottles of cleaning solutions, 4 skyline stencils, a handy color wheel, and a sturdy storage case. This kit is ideal for anyone who may need to transport their airbrush kit or likes a nice organized location to keep all their supplies in.

In addition, this set comes with multiple power adapters so it can be used with international outlets. That’s right – if you ever decide to run away to France, this kit can come too!

So, What Is The Best Airbrush Kit For Cake Decorating?

The best airbrush kit depends on the needs of the individual decorator. Are you an occasional baker with a passion for decorating cookies and treats for Holiday gatherings? You may not need the dual cooling fan airbrush to prevent overheating on large capacity jobs – instead, your needs may be better met with a more modest airbrush. Yet, if you have your own cake decorating business and are consistently decorating for long periods of time throughout the day, the Master Cool Runner II might be your best bet!

Be sure to weigh your needs with each machine’s benefits – there’s no shame at all in starting with a beginner’s set and seeing where it leads you before investing in a master decorator kit further down the road!

How To Care For Your Airbrush

Clean your airbrush after every project! It really is that simple. To keep your airbrush running smoothly, you’ll want to clean it regularly. When changing between colors, water will work fine, but when your project is finished and you’re wrapping up the day, use airbrush cleaner and follow up with water for a thorough clean that prevents future issues. 

See all those reviews by people who state they used the gun once or twice and it never worked again? That’s because excess ink left in an airgun can dry and clog it. In order to reverse this, you’ll pretty much have to disassemble your airbrush, clean it, and reassemble it. If needed, you’ll find plenty of YouTube tutorials to help with your individual model.

In addition, be sure to only use airbrush food coloring in your gun. Some preferred choices include Wilton airbrush color, Chefmaster airbrush food coloring, or AmeriMist. These colors are pretty much guaranteed not to clog guns.

However, if you are mixing your own airbrush food coloring with gel food coloring or luster dust, be sure all lumps are dissolved before pouring them into your airbrush. 

Which AirBrush Will You Get?

In combination with your essential cake decorating tools, you and your airbrushing kit are ready to conquer the cake decorating world! It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a professional confectionery decorator, there’s an airbrush out there for everyone. We’ve covered our top choices for beginners, children, and professionals in addition to budget and space-conscious bakers. Still more, we’ve defined common airbrushing terms and tips for care. 

You’re now fully armed with the knowledge as to which airbrush is best for you and how to upkeep it, so get decorating!

Cake Airbrushing FAQs

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