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The 6 Best Bread Maker Recipe Books Everyone Needs To Know

In search of a proper collection of bread machine recipes to fill your home with tasty baked goods? Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned breadmaker shopping for yourself or for a gift, we’ve selected the top cookbooks filled with sensational bread machine recipes.

Maybe that bread maker is soon to arrive and you want a stockpile of recipes ready to go, or perhaps you need a little inspiration to bust out that old bread machine gathering dust in your pantry. 

No matter the reason, we can all appreciate the call for a good cookbook when you need a break from scouring the internet for reliable recipes. Be it sweet fruit and nut bread, healthy oat breads, or savory sandwich loaves, we’ve rounded up the best bread maker recipe books, chock full of delicious bread machine recipes to bake for every occasion.

Best Bread Machine Cookbooks: My Top 6 Favorite Books

1) Most Comprehensive Bread Machine Cookbook

For the most comprehensive guide on bread machine recipes, there’s Beth Hensberger’s The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook. This bread maker cookbook is a whopping 643 pages long and contains 300 recipes from the master baker. In addition to these numerous recipes, this book is brimming with advice on everything from high-altitude baking to troubleshooting your bread machine. There’s even a list of customer service numbers for the most popular bread machine manufacturers on page 5 of her Orientation chapter, so you can call for advice or repair information for your particular machine.

Also handy is the Bread Machine Bakers Hints: Measurement Equivalents chart on page 18. Even wonder how many cups a stick of butter equals (it’s ½ a cup) or how much egg substitute is needed for a whole egg? (It’s 3 tablespoons of liquid egg substitute for one whole large egg). This chart will answer a good deal of those questions – no Googling required.

Measurements are given for both 1½ and 2-pound loaves for each and every recipe.

And this book isn’t written by any old run-of-the-mill bumpkin. Its author, Beth Hensberger, has been educating and writing about the art of bread-baking for thirty years. She is the author of over twenty cookbooks and has contributed to dozens of cooking magazines, including Food and Wine, Williams Sonoma and Rachel Ray Magazine.

Specs: Measurements in Standard/Imperial. 643 pages. Available in Kindle, paperback, or hardback on Amazon.

2) Best Classic Bread Maker Cookbook

Betty Crocker’s Best Bread Machine Cookbook is another great option for a variety of recipes. The book is spiral-bound, making it easier to open and lay flat while cooking. This book may be a good bit older than others on the list, but the recipes are tried and true. After all, there’s a reason this book is still in print 20 years after first being published!

Some may find the photos to be a bit dated, yet the recipes remain classic and delicious. This book is a worthy addition to beginner bread makers with easy-to-follow and scrumptious recipes, some of which include Cheese Onion Bread, Toasted Almond Whole Wheat Bread and Dried Apricot Bread.

Over 100 recipes are given for both 1½-pound and 2-pound loaves which work for all the most popular bread machine models. There is also a chapter for smaller loaves titled “Smaller Can Be Just Right” with 14 recipes for small 1-pound loaves. 

Still not convinced? Check out this youtube video for a sneak peek inside!

Specs: Measurements in imperial/standard. 196 pages. Available in spiral bound on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

3) Best Cookbook For Smaller Loaf Recipes

Michelle Anderson’s No-Fuss Bread Machine Cookbook has over 13,000 reviews on Amazon with an average 4.6 rating. This book provides measurements for both 1-pound, 1½-pound, and 2-pound bread machines, making it an ideal choice for those in search of those smaller, hard-to-find 1-pound bread machine recipes.

Those with smaller bread machines will appreciate this feature, as 1-pound recipes are far less common in bread maker cookbooks.

The book is straightforward, like its title, providing over 150 simple, uncomplicated recipes for your bread machine. You’ll find recipes for both savory and sweet breads, cheese breads, fruit breads, herb and spice breads and many more. 

Some recipes you’ll find inside include Oregano Feta Bread, Oat Bran Molasses Bread, English Muffin Bread, Triple Chocolate Bread, Vanilla Almond Milk Bread and Chocolate Oatmeal Banana Bread. 

There are ten chapters of bread recipes, with the first chapter overviewing the basics with troubleshooting tips for your machine, making this cookbook a spectacular choice for beginners.

Specs: Measurements in imperial/standard. 236 pages. Available in Kindle, paperback and spiral bound on Amazon.

 4) Best Cookbook For Photo-Inspo

For those who love savoring photos as much as reading recipes, there’s Tiffany Dahle’s Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook. This book has modern, mouthwatering photos of every single recipe. Measurements are given for both 1½ and 2-pound loaves.

This cookbook may only contain 60 recipes, which is fewer than the other recommendations on this list. But, it makes this book perfect for beginners looking to add a smaller amount of recipes to their repertoire or those who are easily overwhelmed by too many choices.

A sampling of the recipes within includes Steakhouse Brown Bread, White Chocolate Cranberry Bread, Blueberry Streusel Muffin Bread, Honeyed Blue Cheese Bread and Spiced Eggnog & Pear Bread.

Chapter 6 also contains valuable tips and tricks from the author, Tiffany Dahle, the self-taught chef behind the food blog Peanut Blossom.

Specs: Contains both measurements in standard/imperial and metric. 168 pages. Available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

5) Best Gluten-Free Bread Machine Cookbook

The winner for gluten-free bread machine recipes, however, has to be The Gluten-Free Bread Machine Cookbook by Jane Bonacci and Shannon Kinsella. This book contains a hefty 175 recipes for bread machine recipes with no gluten.

It can be difficult to find a reliable collection of recipes for gluten-free bread, but this nifty cookbook takes all the guesswork out of it with multiple recipes for gluten-free sourdough, pizza dough, focaccia and holiday breads as well as plentiful advice tailored to gluten-free baking. From Russian Rye and Brioche to Lemon Thyme Bread and Chai Latte Bread, this guide has you covered.

This book will even advise you whether or not to use the “gluten-free” setting on your bread machine, or skip it altogether for a better result.

Specs: Measurements in Standard/Imperial with some weighted measurements also in grams. 384 pages. Available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

6) Best No-Frills Recipe Guide

The Bread Making Machine Cookbook by Luke Mendoza is a simple and direct, no-frills recipe book. You won’t find pages of glossy, tantalizing photos, but you will find a large assortment of recipes (about 115 to be exact) in a single, slim-bound book.

Among your standard bread machine recipes, you’ll also find recipes for Apple Bacon Quinoa Bread, Mustard Rye Sandwich Bread, Matcha Green Tea Quick Bread and Coffee Cake Banana Bread as well as a variety of sourdough and gluten-free recipes.

The cookbook also comes with a scannable QR code for an ebook filled with bonus recipes and tips.

The downside? All recipes appear to be for 2-pound loaves, so this book is really only compatible with larger bread makers. Be sure to check that your machine is capable of making 2-pound loaves, otherwise prepare for a lot of measurement conversion.

Specs: Measurements in Standard/Imperial. 129 pages. Available in Kindle, paperback or hardback on Amazon.

Tips for Choosing A Good Cookbook 

1) Look For Photos

What is my number one tip? If you’re shopping on Amazon, check the reviews – specifically the photos. Great cookbooks get people excited to bake and make new dishes, which they often photograph to share with others. 

A cookbook listing on Amazon that has no photos of glorious golden loaves or people gushing about specific recipes and how beautifully they turned out is a red flag. The best cookbooks have fans who wish to share their love for the product!

2) Check The Numbers

Also, be sure to check the number of reviews the cookbook has. I’d recommend choosing a recipe book with a 4.6 rating and thousands of reviews over a 5-star book that only has a hundred. You get a more accurate picture of a product with the more people who’ve tried it.

Remember to always check the reviews on Amazon even if you’re planning on purchasing the book somewhere else. Buying a book on eBay or at Barnes & Noble may offer better prices or a coupon, but they’ll almost always have fewer reviews.

3) Quality of Reviews

Another thing to take note of is the quality of the reviews. Are they vague, short reviews? This could be a sign that the reviews were obtained by offering people a free download or pdf copy in exchange for a review, and that the reviewer hasn’t actually baked any of the breads in your bread machine cookbook! 

Specific reviews that mention making particular recipes, how much their family enjoyed the bread or complaints about measurements being wrong are more reliable and signal that the reviewer hasn’t just skimmed the book, but has actually tried the recipes.

Also, go ahead and take a look at a few of the negative reviews. What do people not like? Are the measurements standard as opposed to metric? Are there multiple typos in the book? Did several of the recipes not turn out well? Take note of these elements and weigh them in your decision.

4) Author Credentials

One more thing to note when shopping for a good bread machine recipe book (or any cookbook for that matter) is the author’s expertise. This can be as simple as checking the back of the book for an author bio or a quick internet search on the writer. 

Have they written other cookbooks? Worked as a chef or baker for years? Or are they relatively new to the field? Not that one can’t be a great baker without these things – this is just another element to consider.

5) Bonus Tip!

An additional tip on choosing an excellent cookbook given by the author of numerous award-winning cookbooks, Maria Zizka, is to check the acknowledgments page. This is where the author often gives credit to their recipe tester(s). Seeing this helps you know the recipes are tested, not flops!

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