Best Budget Stand Mixer

Best Budget Stand Mixer

Many people think that baking is such an expensive hobby, and to be honest, they are right.

Stocking up on ingredients and all the right baking tools can be quite costly.

A good cake tin can set you back $10 and hand mixers can cost up to $200.

I find that a lot of people I talk to are reluctant to take their baking to the next level because they feel like they need to spend a good chunk of their hard earned cash on an expensive stand mixer.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t!

You can get your hands on the best budget stand mixer that can do the job just as well or even better than all the high end stand mixers.

Take a look!

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

This Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer is a great kitchen appliances brand and makes some of the best budget friendly stand mixers out there!

Many proud owners of this Hamilton Beach stand mixer boast that it is much better than the higher end brand, KitchenAid, which are renowned for their high prce tag

It is very similar to the KitchenAid stand mixers as it uses the same planetary mixing action. So, if you are looking to invest in a stand mixer similar to KitchenAid, this Hamilton Beach is the one for you.

The Hamilton Beach stand mixer features 7 speeds that go from a slow stir to a fast mix. It also boasts a 300-watt motor and a large 4-quart bowl.

What I love about this stand mixer is that aside from being super budget friendly. It’s fantastic if you are a beginner.

There is a guide at the top of the stand mixer that shows you which speed setting to use depending on what you are mixing.

This is great if you are just starting out as a baker and are still unsure which speed settings go best with what you are trying to mix.

With the Hamilton Beach stand mixer, you get a dough hook, a whisk, a flat beater, and a splash guard. It also features a tilt-back head which makes it easier to add your ingredients or change the attachments.

Baking tip: Make sure you scrape down the sides with a spatula every so often.

Aicok Stand Mixer

You might not have heard of Aicok, but you will now! This is a 500 watt stand mixer with a large 5 quart stainless steel bowl with a handle.

If you don’t have a mixing bowl with a handle, it’s time to get one! Handles in baking makes life so much easier!

What we love about this stand mixer, aside from its price tag, is its double dough hooks.

If you are an avid bread maker, this could be ideal for you!

The double dough hooks mimic kneading by hand and the 360 mixing action provides full coverage of the bowl.

As well as the 2 dough hooks, you get a whip and a flat beater. You also get a splash guard with an opening so you can pour in extra ingredients while your stand mixer is still mixing.

Just as with most stand mixers, your Aicok Stand Mixer features a tilt head design and anti-slip silicone feet.

Baking tip: There’s a guide on the side of the stand mixer that shows you which attachment to use depending on what you are baking.

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer 63390

This is another favourite Hamilton Beach stand mixer of ours. It features a motor speed of 300-watt and a mixing bowl capacity of 4 quarts.

Similar to KitchenAid, it provides total coverage of the bowl with its planetary mixing action.

You can choose between 7 speed variables, meaning you can whip up anything and everything; from the toughest of cookie doughs to the lightest and fluffiest chiffon sponge.

Included with your Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer, is a flat beater, dough hook, whisk and a splash guard to stop all your mixture from flying around the place!

If you’re wondering what the difference between this one and the other Hamilton Beach stand mixer is, there isn’t any obvious one.

Apart from the price and the design, you are essentially getting 2 very similar products.

Baking tip: It can vibrate quite a bit on your kitchen top.

Aifeel Stand Mixer

This Aifeel stand mixer boasts a 800 watt motor and 4.3 quart stainless steel mixing bowl.

And at only $79.99 you are really getting the best budget stand mixer.

What makes this stand mixer stand out from the rest is its overheating protection mode.

This feature can detect any overheating coming from the stand mixer and will automatically stop the mixing process.

Another feature that makes this stand mixer stand out is that it has 3 pre-set speed variables depending on which attachment you are using.

This could be an ideal feature if you spend most of your time deciding which speed to use. It basically decides the speed for you!

If you tend to use stand mixers where you choose the speed, this feature might take a while to get used to.

With your Aifeel stand mixer, you get a flat beater, dough hooks and balloon whisk. As with most stand mixers, you will also get a splash guard.

Baking tip: Can’t be used for longer than 8 minutes at a time as it will overheat – might be a big no if you make recipes that require longer than 8 minutes of mixing.

Nurxiovo Stand Mixer

The Nurxiovo is another great budget stand mixer that acts and looks like a high end product.

It boasts a powerful motor with 660-watts and features 6-speed options. It also has a pulse function too.

With your Nurxiovo stand mixer, you will get strong suction cups underneath that will provide stability with limited vibrations on your kitchen worktop.

This gives you the freedom to step away from the kitchen without worrying that your stand mixer will go walkies.

With your Nurxiovo Stand Mixer, you’ll get a splash guard, dough hook, whisk, and a beater which are all easy to attach and release from the mixer.

You also get a large 6.5-quart mixing bowl, big enough for batch baking.

Baking tip: Attachments not dishwasher friendly.


So, if you’re looking for the best budget stand mixer, you’ve found it! Now you have no excuse not to take your baking to the next level with top quality, low priced stand mixers.

Which one you decide to get is your choice. Do you need a speedy stand mixer? Will you be mixing tough doughs for long periods of time? Or are you a beginner who wants something cheap and reliable?

But, if you are wanting our opinion in this and are looking for a high end performing stand mixer, then we definitely recommend the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer.

Happy (budget) mixing!