best cupcake liners for weddings

The Best Cupcake Liners For Weddings: Special Liners for Special Days

Fancy something a little less traditional for your special day? 

It seems that more and more brides and grooms-to-be are swapping traditional wedding cakes in favor of something a little more delicate. Or maybe, you are going all out with the sweet treats, and want to offer up a dessert table alongside that tiered beauty. 

Either way, there’s no doubt about it that an array of cupcakes will make a welcomed addition to your wedding reception.

I have no doubt that a perfectly baked cupcake, finished with an elegant topper, will go down a storm with your guests. However, when you wrap them in a fancy liner or tuck them into a cute box, you can create a really eye-catching finish.

The best part? There are so many amazing wedding cupcake lines available! Regardless of your theme, there is a cupcake liner to match.

Boho chic? Easy.

Traditional lace? No problem.

A splash of color? Hell yeah!

Of course, these liners aren’t just great for cupcakes, you can use them to showcase your decorated candies, pastries, chocolates, or even cookies too. 

That said, I have done some digging (and taken some inspiration from a few recent weddings) and chosen 10 of the best cupcake liners for weddings.


Want The Quick Comparison?

Here are a few of my favorite cupcake liners for weddings I think you’ll love!

Disclaimer: Some of the liners on my list are technically muffin liners, but because muffins and cupcakes are very similar (there’s a slight difference in the mixing process and batter composition) these liners will be interchangeable for both cupcakes and muffins.

The Best Wedding Cupcake Liners

Lace Liners 

If you have opted for a more traditionally themed wedding, then you will probably want a cupcake liner that complements your elegant arrangement. Personally, I don’t think it gets more sophisticated than a lace liner. Your dessert table buffet will give off all types of classic princess vibes!

These lace cupcake liners are the perfect accessory to present your desserts and edible favors. From cupcakes and truffles to candies and pies, you can serve any treat encased in these wrappers.

Available in 11 elegant colors and made from high-grade art paper, these artistic wrappers come with flowery lace cutout patterns. They are sturdy, snap together easily, and come in 100-piece packs. Because they are delicate wrappers, these are not meant for oven use, so will need to be paired with a traditional liner. Yes, it’s slightly extra work, but this gives you the opportunity to get creative and create an eye-popping effect with some beautiful color pairings!

Tulip Liners

If boho chic is your style, then a tulip liner is perfect for your special day. These cupcake liners are made from high-quality grease paper and will undoubtfully add a taste of minimalist elegance to your cupcake display.

Unline the lace wraps above, you can line (and bake) your cupcake and muffin pans with these liners. Tulip Cupcake Liners are shaped to ensure the folds don’t cut into the bough while they bake and ensure a beautifully uniform shape to the finished cake.

With this pack receive 200 cups with each pack purchase. These bakery-style liners are available in both brown and natural colors, that will add contrast to wedding accents and table trimmings. What I really like about these wedding cupcake liners is that you can pick the exact size you require. Choose from small, medium or large-sized baking cups to bake or hold mini, regular or jumbo-sized pastries.  

Patterned Tulip Liners 

If you like the tulip liner design, but want something slightly more elegant than the rough and ready ones I just mentioned, then these might be perfect for you. These Gold Tulip Liners with their unique print patterns enhance the look and feel of your cupcakes and muffins. These paper liners are tulip-shaped and come in a 150-piece pack. They come in a mixture of colors (brown, white and natural) which will create a really nice complementary display.

These cupcake liners for weddings are made of non-stick paper which is both leakproof and odorless. Your baked treats remain fresh and smell great!

Flower Boxes 

These individual Flower Cupcake Boxes are adorable and make or an amazing addition to your boho-chic-themed wedding. Yes, these aren’t technically liners but come on, look how pretty they are!

These come with a clear window that allows you a sneak peek into the sweet treats inside. The cute print aside, each one of the 50 boxes comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry around. These disposable boxes are made with thick paper, maintain their shape and fit regular-sized cupcakes. Your guests are sure to love the beautiful prints on this well-designed case.

If you’re worried about the cupcake smashing around the box, rest assured. The box comes with a holder insert that sits inside the container and keeps the cake slice, macarons or cupcakes snugly in place.

I think these are more suited as housing favors or over a dessert table display display

Black Boxes 

Black makes everything look sophisticated, doesn’t it? This eco-friendly cupcake box is made with food-grade kraft paper and gels well with golden and silver contrasts. Add ribbons, charms, or other decorations to provide a special personalized touch. 

The black cupcake box has a bigger window that allows you to showcase your beautiful creations without exposing them to dust and air, as well as keeping your cakes fresher, for longer. The containers are pre-folded making assembly simple and easy once you get the hang of it. Use the insert to securely hold your delicate pastries and cupcakes.

You get 60 pieces made with sturdy brown paperboard that retain their shape, don’t dent easily, and provide adequate support for your packed desserts. These cupcake carrier boxes are also perfect for small cakes like petit fours, donuts, sweet tartlets and more.

Clear Favor Boxes 

Clear favor boxes present your baked and molded desserts in all their glory. While these may not make great table displays or accents, they work perfectly as robust gift carriers for guests at your bridal shower or engagement party.

These 4×4 inch favor boxes are made of food-grade plastic (PET material), covered with a protective layer of film, and definitely reusable. These containers also come with pre-set fold lines that help you assemble them in a jiffy. 

The best part about this pack of 35 treat boxes — they are all-weather proof and less likely to bend or tear compared to kraft paper or paperboard cupcake liners and holders. 

Do you want to make them look more attractive? Beautify these cupcake boxes with accents, trims and lace on the outside and tuck some paper cutouts, feathers, confetti, or colored tissue paper inside.

Pink & Gold Patterned

Do you want to present your baked surprises in a special way? These oven-safe party cups made from robust paper are apt for special occasions. 

The gold and pink liners serve the dual purposes of a baking liner and an ornamental wrapper. If pink isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of other great colors and designs to choose from! These baking cups also have a fluted top and are embellished with gold dots giving them a stylish finish. 

You’ll find 25 pieces in each pack that requires no assembling and come well packed in a transparent box to prevent damage. These cute-looking cupcake liners are perfect for candy, cupcakes, and cookies. 

The pretty color and design of these wrappers are sure to make your baked goods pop!

Liners with Lids 

In truth, I am not crazy about these liners, they lack the pizazz of other liners on this list. That said, I know many people are looking for wedding cupcake liners with lids. If this is you, then these are probably your best bet.  

These liners are made from are made with food-grade aluminum foil which means they are durable, oven-safe, freezer safe, and recyclable. One big advantage of these liners is because they are made of aluminum, you don’t need to bake your cakes in a cupcake tray. This of course if a pretty big benefit if you are making hundreds of cakes for your guests.

The 50-cup pack comes with 60 plastic lids and fits a standard-size or mini cupcake. With the lids on, you can transport and store the cupcakes in these disposable cups without fear of damaging your goodies. 

You can make a splash at the special event by adding lace, charms and flowers to these muted gold centerpieces to bring the wow factor. 

How to make your own cupcake liners

If your wedding is on a shoestring budget, then you might want to consider making your own cupcake liners. If this is the route you want to go down then, I would suggest making some tulip liners from some parchment paper.

Although these a fairly easy to make, and slightly cheaper, there are a few downsides to this. For starters, this will be a time-consuming process. Be prepared to dedicate a few hours to making enough of these liners for all your guests. Another downside to making your own liners is that it’s much more likely your cupcakes will misshape and be less uniform once baked. This is because your homemade alternatives won’t have the structural integrity to support your cakes as they bake, unlike the store-bought liners.

That said, if you want to learn how to make your own, then I recommend having a watch of this video. Selva at Iconicake has two good DIY methods of making your own liners.

I hope I have given you some inspiration for your wedding cupcake liners. If you also need a helping hand picking some wedding cupcake flavors I have 12 amazing flavor combinations your guests will love!

I hope you have a magical wedding day!