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Best Hand Mixer With Dough Hooks

The Ultimate Guide

Bought a hand mixer and realised it doesn’t come with dough hooks? Happens to the best of us! 

If you are an occasional baker who only tends to work with light batter, then a hand mixer that just comes with whisks is more than enough. But if you want to take your baking to the next level and work with tougher doughs, then it’s time to invest in a hand mixer that offers more than just your regular whisk. 

We have made your life a little easier by trying and testing the best hand mixer with dough hooks just for you!

KitchenAid KHM926OB

KitchenAid is one of the most popular brands out there and if you’re looking for an efficient electric whisk, then the KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer will be perfect for you. Not to mention it will look great in your kitchen with its sleek and modern style.

This versatile mixer doesn’t only whip up tasty recipes; it also features 9 levels of speeds from gentle stirring for mixing light ingredients to a turbo speed for whipping cream or even mashing potatoes. Its slow start also ensures that mess is kept to a minimum. 

The Kitchen Aid features a stainless steel whisk, 2 dough hooks, two fast beaters, and a mixing rod. What more do you want from a hand mixer?

The durability and sturdiness of this hand mixer means it is ideal for mixing anything from easy cake batter to the toughest bread doughs.

Top tip: This superb electric whisk comes with a spacious storage bag to store the accessories when they’re not in use.

Dualit 89300

This very fashionable Dualit hand mixer certainly deserves a spot on our list of the best hand mixer with dough hooks. 

While there are only 4-speed settings, this mixer comes with a respectable 400 watt-motor, making easy work of light and heavy baked goods alike. 

As well as being one of the best hand mixer with dough hooks, this mixer will exceed all your baking needs with its range of attachments including 2 flat beaters, 2 dough hooks (shocker!) and a balloon whisk.

One of our favourite features of this hand mixer is the retractable power cord. This, combined with a cleverly designed plug storage, keeps your work station clutter-free and makes it easy to tuck away when you are finished with it.

It also comes in some eye-popping colours including chrome, white and metallic red, so it will look great regardless of what your kitchen interior is.

Top tip: This hand mixer is a little on the heavy side, tipping the scales at 1.3kgs.

Breville VFM021 HeatSoft

We all trust Breville as having some of the best kitchen tools out there. And this Breville HeatSoft hand mixer is no different. 

Aside from coming with stainless steel dough hooks, beaters and a whisk, what makes this hand mixer stand out from the crowd is its heatsoft technology. This is ideal if you bake with softened butter but forget to take it out of the fridge in time (like me).

From the fridge to the mixing bowl, it takes less than a few minutes of mixing until your butter will get to that silky smooth texture all bakers dream of. This is a really clever feature that comes in very handy for cakes, biscuits and any tasty treat you can dream up.

It also comes with a 270 watt motor, which is a little light on power. While it will certainly get the job done, it might take you a little bit longer to get a thorough mix than that of a more powerful model.

Nevertheless, this is still a brilliant hand mixer for the price and will certainly help you whip up a tasty treat or two.

Top tip: This hand mixer weighs a hefty 2.34kg! So I hope you prepare your muscles for a workout!

Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage

This Cuisinart handheld mixer offers a whopping 9-speed option with a 220-watt motor that can whip up almost anything and everything. It also offers 3 low speeds, designed to give you mess-free mixing.

It comes with 2 beaters, 2 whisks and more importantly, 2 dough hooks. The power combined with the many speed options will help you knead your bread dough effortlessly and with ease. The ability to change speed with the touch of one control button makes this hand mixer super easy to use!

Did you know that with your Cuisinart Power Advantage you’ll get a spatula and a recipe book too? Bonus!

Top tip: If you prefer having a neat baking bench, you can tuck the cords into its clip-on case.

Black+Decker MX600R

If you are a budget baker who isn’t quite ready to splash out on the top of the range gear, this mixer might just be the perfect one for you. 

It’s a 250 watt, 5 speed with turbo hand mixer that is fast and efficient with everything you mix. Its nylon beaters take complete control and mix every inch of the bowl, leaving no ingredients untouched.

You get 2 helix beaters for your general mixing, 2 dough hooks for your tougher ingredients and a whisk for lighter batters. All of the accessories are dishwasher friendly as well as having a detachable compartment to store all of the tools without taking up too much space in your cupboard.

Black and Decker may be more widely known for their durable building tools but this hand mixer with dough hooks should certainly not go unnoticed. 

Top tip: Rest the heel of the mixer on the bowl for effortless mixing on your part. Also. don’t be surprised if the nylon starts to wear off the more you use it.


So, if you were wondering what the best hand mixer with dough hooks was, we haven’t given you 1 best one but 5 of the best ones to choose from!

Which one you go for really depends on your baking habits and style. KitchenAid is consistently one of our top favourites as they have hand mixers that are durable, reliable and powerful. 

If you are more on a budget, then the Black + Decker one is definitely the one for you.

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