Best hand mixer with very low, slow speed

The Best Hand Mixer With Very Slow, Low Speed in 2023

It always surprises me how many hand mixers claim to have low speeds, when in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the world of baking, there are few things more frustrating than using your brand new hand mixer for the first time only to discover that the slow speed turns the beater a million times a second. 

Clouds of flour in the air, batter flying everywhere, and you have made an OCD-inducing mess before you have even started baking. 

If you want to minimize the mess your hand mixer makes, especially when it comes to mixing light ingredients together, look out for mixers that have low-speed settings. A soft start feature is a big bonus too, as this will control the starting speed of the mixer and it increase the mixing speed gradually, ensuring your ingredients don’t splatter everywhere. 

For a while now, I have been scouring the marketplace, attempting to find the best hand mixers with slow-speed settings. After endless testing and multiple hand mixers later, I present to you the 8 best hand mixers with very slow, low speed.

I have also created a simple rating system to help grade my slow-speed hand mixer shortlist.

My super-scientific speed ranking

1 = An extremely slow start

2 = A slow start 

3 = A slow/normal start speed 

The slow start mixers: My Top 8 Picks 

Want The Quick Comparison?

Here are a few of the best hand mixers with a very slow start I think you’ll love!

Want to find out more about my top picks? Read on!

KitchenAid Cordless 

Speed Rating: 1 

Cordless hand mixers have recently made a grand entrance in the world of baking and I am totally here with it, especially with this KitchenAid cordless hand mixer. It is stylish, light, and allows you to move freely around the kitchen without being restricted by that pesky cord.

The KitchenAid cordless features 7 speeds, the first of which is nice and slow. And when I say slow, it really is slow. It is perfect for stirring or just gently incorporating ingredients. It also offers a soft start which gradually brings up the selected speed to prevent splattering your batter across your kitchen walls. 

With the cordless hand mixer, you can make up to 200 cookies on one charge, and has a rechargeable lithium battery for optimal performance. It charges from empty to full in just 2 hours.

Although I personally think this machine is one of the lowest speed hand mixers available, it does have its downsides. Like every cordless mixer it uses a battery, as opposed to mains electricity, so you might find this mixer lacks the power of corded mixers.

A quick note on KitchenAid hand mixers: I find that all the KitchenAid hand mixers have a really slow first-speed setting. However, this is probably down to the fact they have a much smaller motor than many other popular mixers. This cordless mixer uses a tiny 16-Watt motor, and even their corded mixer only uses an 85-Watt DC motor.

KitchenAid KHM7210 

Speed Rating: 1 

KitchenAid arguably makes some of the best kitchen appliances out there and this hand mixer is no different. This is a great mixer that features a 7-speed setting, plus a turbo option, to give those tougher ingredients an extra kick. Like its cordless counterpart, this mixer also features a soft start, which brings up the selected speed gradually, avoiding all that unnecessary mess, with the lowest speed again being nice and slow.

It comes with 2 beaters and a whisk, and with all the accessories being stainless steel, you can count on their superior built quality seeing you through the toughest of mixing tasks. That said, because of their small motors, I wouldn’t advise this hand mixer for kneading bread dough. Nevertheless, I really like this lightweight hand mixer, which also has a soft-grip handle so it’s easy to handle. 

It also features a lock-in cord so it doesn’t get in your way and, like a very corded KitchenAid hand mixer, it is made in the USA.

KitchenAid 9 Speed 

Speed Rating: 1 

That’s right, it’s another KitchenAid! This 9-speed hand mixer is exactly the same as the one above but, you guessed it, with 9-speed settings instead of 7. You can combine ingredients on the first speed for a slow stir, speed 4 to 6 for creaming butter and sugar, and speed 9 for whipping double cream or egg whites.

Just like the other mixers, it has a soft start feature on each setting where the speed builds up gradually, avoiding any splatters. 

As with the 7-speed mixer, this one also features a cord swivel, soft-grip handle, and stainless steel accessories. With the 9 speed mixer, you get two beaters, one whisk, two dough hooks and a blending rod. 

Both the 7-speed and 9-speed KitchenAid hand mixers are best suited for light mixing as the motor is not powerful enough to withstand tougher ingredients. 

Hamilton Beach Professional 5-Speed

Speed Rating: 2

This 5 speed Hamilton Beach mixer is another one that uses a slow start. It actually uses much of the same technology found on the 7 speed and 9 speed KitchenAid hand mixers. With similar technology as the top mixer brand, the Hamilton Beach hand mixer is guaranteed to offer a very low, slow speed, ensuring you don’t have any unwanted spillages. 

Aside from the slow start, this hand mixer has other very useful features. It has a detachable case to store all of your accessories, so you won’t have difficulty storing this mixer and its attachments. 

All of the attachments are stainless steel, meaning they are very durable, and they are also dishwasher-friendly! The cord swivels from the right and left so it’s comfortable to use from both sides without the cord getting in the way. 

Similar to the KitchenAid hand mixer, the Hamilton Beach mixer is mostly effective for lighter mixtures, not for thicker ingredients due to its less powerful motor. 

Braun HM5130 

Speed Rating: 2

In my opinion, the Braun MultiMix is one of the best hand mixers currently available.

This clever mixer offers SmartMix technology that delivers an in-line vertical motor design. This advanced tech transfers the weight of the mixer out of your hand and into the bowl, offering a smoother mixing experience.

The Braun also boasts a beefy 350-watt motor and comes with 2 beaters and 2 dough hooks all of which are dishwasher friendly. With the Braun HM5130 model, you also get a 2-cup mini processor and a storage bag.

Speed 1 is the lowest speed and the ‘variocontrol’ speed dial allows you to navigate between each speed with ease. There are 9 speeds in total plus a turbo feature. 

The attachments are very sturdy and with the incredible power of this mixer, you will not have any difficulty with mixing tougher doughs as well as really light mixtures. That said, the large motor is slightly noisier than the other mixers I have mentioned, and the start speed isn’t as low as the KitchenAid models. 

Breville Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer 

Speed Rating: 2

With beater IQ technology, this clever Breville Hand Mixer detects which attachment you are using and recalibrates to the desired speed. The rubber on the beaters minimizes any clinging around the bowl and maximizes mixing by making sure to incorporate all ingredients thoroughly.

This hand mixer has 9 speeds plus a turbo boost. The slowest speed is actually pretty slow too. It is ideal for soft stirring and avoiding any clouds of flour or batter from splattering everywhere.

Aside from a slow speed, the Breville Handy Mix features an ergonomic handle, making it easier to hold and a compact storage compartment so you can store all the attachments and cable neatly.  It also has a respectable 240 watt DC motor, so won’t have any problems with stiffer batter and dough. 

With this hand mixer, you get 2 scraper beaters, two dough hooks, and two balloon whisks. 

You might see some wear and tear around the rubber beaters the more you use them.

Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage 

Speed Rating 3

Cuisinart is a respected brand in the world of home appliances, known to make a range of high-quality appliances; everything from coffee grinders to waffle makers. Their Power Advantage hand mixer is certainly no exception. It features an incredible 9-speed selection all with the touch of just a one-speed control button. For a stirring setting similar to the KitchenAid hand mixer, the lowest speed is slow enough to prevent flour or butter from splattering everywhere.

If one slow speed wasn’t enough, it has another 2 very low, slow speeds, designed to give you effortless, splatter-free mixing. 

It also comes with a detachable compartment, for efficient storage. With the Cuisinart hand mixer, you get 2 beaters, 2 whisks, 2 dough hooks, as well as a spatula and a recipe book. Bonus!

This is another powerful machine that can mix everything and anything. From light cake batter to tough cookie dough or even mashed potato. 

One of my biggest gripes with this mixer is that it is known to start fast for the first second but then quickly slows back down. Because of this, it’s low down on my list of favorite low-speed hand mixers, although it’s still slower than many alternatives.

Black and Decker 

Speed Rating 3

This Black & Decker mixer is one of my favorite budget hand mixers. Although it might not be the highest performing mixer out there, it comes highly reviewed and you certainly won’t be disappointed with the lack of power available. That’s because it has a 250 watt, 5 speed motor with a turbo boost that is fast and efficient with everything you mix.

Its nylon beaters take complete control and mix every inch of the bowl, leaving no ingredients untouched.

You get 2 helix beaters for your general mixing, 2 dough hooks for thicker doughs, and a whisk for light and aerated mixing.

It does have a slow low speed that prevents mess so you don’t need to worry about your ingredients splattering all over your kitchen. However, like the Cuisinart, it will feel faster on the lowest speed compared to the other mixers on this list, although it’s still slower than most hand mixers in the market.

All of the accessories are dishwasher friendly and it comes with a detachable compartment to store all of the tools without taking up too much space in your cupboard.

This is a very lightweight mixer, it’s great at low speeds and is extremely reliable.

Rest the heel of the mixer on the bowl for effortless mixing on your part. Also, don’t be surprised if the nylon starts to wear off the more you use it.

Best Hand Mixer With Very Slow

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, eight of the best hand mixers with very slow, low-speed settings. It’s surprising how hard it is to find hand mixers with speeds that are genuinely slow. Most hand mixers on the market claim to have slow speeds but are nowhere near as slow as you would want them to be.

When it comes to picking the right mixer for you, it really comes down to your preference and how much you’ll be using your hand mixer. If you only bake occasionally and only need to mix light ingredients then the KitchenAid 7 speed is perfect. Plus KitchenAid products look very sleek and add flair to your kitchen worktop. 

If you are looking for an incredibly slow hand mixer, the Cordless KitchenAid hand mixer is the slowest on the review list. It comes at the same price as the 9-speed mixer but you get the added comfort of being able to move freely around the kitchen without being restricted.

If you are looking for something a bit powerful, then the Braun is the one for you. It is a strong mixer and will have no problem mixing tougher ingredients and the slowest setting is slow enough, making it great for a huge range of baking tasks.