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The Best Hand Mixer With Very Slow, Low Speed

There’s nothing more annoying than using your brand new hand mixer for the first time only to find the slow speed turns the motor a million times a second. Clouds of flour in the air, batter flying everywhere and none of the mix left in the bowl. You’ve made a mess before you’ve even started! 

Many hand mixers that claim to have low speed actually just have fast speed on all levels. It’s not ideal when you want to mix light ingredients together. 

If you want to minimise the mess your hand mixer makes, look out for mixers that have a slow start. This aims to control the speed of the mixer and it increases the speed of the mixer gradually, ensuring your ingredients don’t splatter everywhere. 

Here are some of the best hand mixers with very slow, low speed that gradually increase speed to give you a smooth, mess-free whisking.

KitchenAid KHM7210

KitchenAid arguably makes some of the best kitchen appliances out there and this hand mixer is no different. This is a great mixer featuring 7 speed plus turbo to give those tougher ingredients a boost. It also features a soft start, which brings up the selected speed gradually, avoiding all that unnecessary mess. 

It comes with 2 beaters and a whisk, and with all the accessories being stainless steel, you can count on their durability. This is a lightweight and effective hand mixer with a soft grip handle so it’s easy to hold. It also features a lock-in cord so it doesn’t get in your way. 

Top tip: It may struggle a bit with tougher ingredients as the top speed is not fast enough.

Black+Decker MX600R

This Black & Decker mixer is highly reviewed and you certainly won’t be disappointed. It’s a 250 watt, 5 speed with turbo hand mixer that is fast and efficient with everything you mix. It’s nylon beaters take complete control and mix every inch of the bowl, leaving no ingredients untouched.

You get 2 helix beaters for your general mixing, 2 dough hooks for thicker doughs and a whisk for light and aerated mixing. 

Better yet, it slowly increases speed preventing mess so you don’t need to worry about your ingredients splattering all over your kitchen. 

All of the accessories are dishwasher friendly and it comes with a detachable compartment to store all of the tools without taking up too much space in your cupboard. 

This is a very lightweight mixer, it’s great at low speeds and is extremely reliable. 

Top tip: Rest the heel of the mixer on the bowl for effortless mixing on your part. Also, don’t be surprised if the nylon starts to wear off the more you use it.

Hamilton Beach Professional 5-Speed Hand Mixer

This 5 speed Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer is another one that comes with a slow start. It actually uses the same technology as the KitchenAid hand mixer we reviewed! So, this mixer is guaranteed to offer a very slow, low speed that gradually speeds up, ensuring you don’t have any unwanted spillages. 

Aside from the slow start, this hand mixer has other very useful features. It has a detachable compartment to store all of your accessories, so you won’t have to worry about your mixer taking up too much space in your kitchen. Also, all of the attachments are stainless steel, meaning they are very durable, and they are also dishwasher friendly! 

The cord swivels from right and left so it’s comfortable to use from both sides without it  getting in the way. 

Top tip: Similarly to the KitchenAid hand mixer, the Hamilton Beach mixer is mostly effective for lighter mixtures, not for thicker ingredients.

Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage

Cuisinart is a very respected brand that brings out some of the best products and it certainly has not disappointed with this hand mixer. It features an incredible 9-speed selection all with the touch of just one-speed control button. 3 of those speeds are very low, slow speeds, designed to give you effortless, splatter-free mixing. 

It also comes with a detachable compartment, for efficient storage. With the Cuisinart hand mixer, you get 2 beaters, 2 whisks, 2 dough hooks, as well as a spatula and a recipe book. Bonus!

This is a very powerful machine and can mix everything and anything! From light cake batter to tough cookie dough or even mash potato. 

Top tip: The Cuisinart may sometimes start fast for the first second but then slows down, so hold it out of the bowl before placing it into the mixture.


So, there you have it! 4 of the best hand mixers with very slow, low speed that gradually builds up to your desired speed. No more batter flying around the kitchen! Now, in terms of picking the right one, it really comes down to your preference and how much you’ll be using your hand mixer. If you only bake occasionally and only need to mix light ingredients then the KitchenAid is perfect. Plus they look very sleek and add flair to your kitchen worktop. 

If you are looking for something powerful and reliable then the Cuisinart is the one for you. It is a strong mixer and will have no problem mixing tougher ingredients.

Happy splatter-free mixing!

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