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The Best Mini Cheesecake Pan: My Top 5 Picks

Cheesecake is great, but mini cheesecakes are even better. Sure, they look super-cute but more importantly, these delicate bite-sized portions perfectly complement the sweetness and flavors of everyone’s favorite dessert. 

I also feel slightly less guilty having one (or more like three) of these instead of inhaling half a family-sized cheesecake. If you are feeling generous, and are willing to share your creamy creations, I guarantee your guests will love them too. These are the perfect treat for your next dinner party.

Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of other sizes of springform pans, and they still see plenty of action, although I prefer to use these for family dinners and gatherings when it feels like I am catering to the masses. But if you want to impress your friends and family with a tray of these bad boys a mini cheesecake pan is essential. 

To help you on your way to mini pâtissier perfection here are a few of, what I think, are the best mini cheesecake pans currently available.

Want The Quick Comparison?

Here are a few mini cheesecake pans I think you’ll love!


Want to learn why these pans made it onto my shortlist? Read on!

The best mini cheesecake pans: My Top 5 Picks

If you’re familiar with baking cheesecakes, you probably already know that the best springform pans are leak-proof. The best pans are also robust, provide an even bake with proper browning, and allow you to remove the cake easily without breaking it apart. It’s also a big bonus if they are non-stick and dishwasher friendly.

The expectations from your mini cheesecake pans are no different. Here are a few bite-sized cheesecake pans I suggest you have a look at.

Chicago Metallic 12-cup Pan 

Made from heavy steel-aluminum alloy, this professional 12-hole pan with individually removable bottoms will help you bake or set your favorite cheesecake flavors in far less time than the biggies.

The cups are deep enough to add one tablespoon of crust and batter, while the pan is large enough to serve family and friends. 

What I like most about this pan is that the heavy steel aluminum alloy is designed to allow for even baking. The pans and bottom inserts are dishwasher friendly, although regular hand wash is recommended to help extend the life of the product.

It’s also worth remembering that, the traditional uncoated surface will require you to grease it well or add parchment rounds to prevent your cheesecake minis from sticking to the sides and inserts. 

Zenker Pan with ring molds 

If you are a fan of tall cheesecakes, no other pan can get you that height you’re after quite like the pan with mold rings from Zenker. 

These beauties are certainly up there with favorite small cheesecake molds. With 12 cups and detachable bottom are made with thick carbon steel making them long-lasting and conducive to even baking. You are assured of quality as this product is made in Germany by one of the largest and oldest bakeware manufacturers in the world (since 1885).

Use it to bake, chill or freeze eye-catching desserts and savory appetizers (that are almost 3-inch high) with this multi-functional ring mold pan.

While you can clean the molds in the dishwasher, hand wash is recommended to prevent wear and tear. 

Norpro non-stick mini pan

Do you prefer taller cheesecakes? Then you’ll love this non-stick mini cheesecake pan from Norpro which makes 2-inch tall mini treats.

Impress your friends with this versatile pan that enables you to make cheesecakes, brownie bites, coffee cakes and many more individual desserts. 

The pan is made with zinc alloy which ensures proper baking and browning, and the nonstick coating coupled with the bottom inserts allows for easy removal. And unlike the other baking pans on the list, this pan comes with handles for holding securely. 

There is a risk of liquid leaking into the crust when you bake with a water bath. You may use some need baking cups for muffins or coffee cakes.

USA PAN 6-round mini pan 

Finally, you have the commercial-grade mini cheesecake pans from USA Pan made with heavy aluminized steel. You will get six mini cheesecakes or mini sweet treats that are 3-inch tall.

The pan has a fluted design to allow even distribution of oven heat for proper baking and withstands temperatures up to 450°F (230°C). The cavity surface has a patented non-stick, food-grade silicone coating that allows for easy release and removal of your baked or no-bake goodies. 

And, of course, this is an All-American product made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that comes with a lifetime warranty

Make any cheesecake from the New York style to the classic strawberry with these mini pans.

Sadly, you can’t use cooking spray nor can you toss this into the dishwater. The USA Pan specifically requires hand washing in warm water with mild cleaners. 

You also have to watch out for sharp edges around the insert holes in the pan.

Tosnail 2 pack mini cheesecake pans 

If you loved the Chicago metallic pan but prefer a non-stick version of it, Tosnail has you covered. Their mini cheesecake pans come with a non-stick coated surface allowing you to lift and serve your delicacies without causing a mess. 

With 2-inch deep cavities, this pan ticks all the boxes when it comes to making miniature desserts and savories from a blueberry cheesecake or cupcake to a quiche.

The corrosion-resistant coating ensures that your mini pan lasts for a long time. This pan tolerates a very high baking temperature, which will allow you to bake pizza cups and other filled bread delicacies in it.

The only downside to this tray is that it comes as a two-pack, which might be a bit excessive for occasional bakers or those who prefers working with small batches.

You can, of course, gift the other one to a friend or colleague who loves baking cheesecakes or muffins.

How long do you bake mini cheesecake?

A normal cheesecake is the ultimate test of a dessert lover’s patience.  Because it takes that damn long to bake, cool and set.

Want to eat the cheesecake right away? Sorry, to break your dessert bubble! You need to wait 8-10 hours, sometimes even a day for the cheesecake to set and the flavors to blend in.

The cheesecake takes a solid hour to bake. Then you have to contend with 3-4 hours of cooling at room temperature before it sets for longer in the fridge. 

While the taste and flavor are worth the wait, this is not the dessert to make when you want to eat something on the same day.

Mini cheesecakes are a cheesecake lover’s dream come true. Individual bites of creamy goodness that come together in half the time.

Normal cheesecake needs to be chilled overnight. But you can make mini versions in a fraction of the time and eat it on the day it is made

Want some special flavors? 

You can convert any type of cheesecake by scaling down the crust and batter by half or one-fourth the quantity. It depends on whether you are using a 6-hole or 12-count pan. My personal favorite is the mini oreo cheesecake.

What’s more, you can turn your cheesecake bar (no-bake) recipe into a mini cheesecake version.

Can you do away with foil or liners while baking in these mini pans using a water bath? 

To tell the truth, no springform or cheesecake pan with bottom inserts are totally leakproof, and the same goes for these mini variations. Wrap each bottom well with foil cups or use silicone cupcake liners in place of foil to avoid any unwanted soggy ]bottoms!

Can you make cheesecake in muffin tins?

Nothing can beat a springform pan or loose bottom pans when it comes to making cheesecakes. 

If you don’t bake often, you probably don’t have loose bottom pans lying around. Or you have a mouthwatering savory dish baking in the one you possess.

Can you make do with a muffin tin?

All we’ll be doing is to reduce the quantity of crust and the filling in your recipe by half or one fourth. This will depend on whether you are using a 6-round,12-cavity mini pan or multiple pans.

Use 1-2 tablespoons of both the crust and batter in each mini cheesecake. Use less for smaller cavities and more for the deeper ones like the ring molds. Pre-bake the crust and ensure the batter ingredients are at room temperature.

The advantage of baking in a non-stick muffin pan is that you don’t need a water bath. But, removing the mini cheesecakes or other bakes after cooling or setting can prove to be a minor hassle.  

Ready to get baking?

To sum up, springform pans make it easy to bake, chill and set cheesecakes and come in a variety of sizes and material. But mini cheesecake pans are perfect when you want dessert bites or single-serve bakes. 

Are you baking for a dinner party? Then buy a couple of 12-round mini pans.  

Do you want tall but mini cheesecakes? Then the pan with ring molds or the 6-hole USA Pan is perfect for you. 

Most regular bakers won’t settle for one mini cheesecake pan. They would prefer owning a couple of different pan models to suit their recipe requirements. 

Each of these mini pans have their plus and minus points. Choose the ones that meet your needs and you’ll have a delicious dessert waiting to be eaten straight from the fridge.