best mini waffle maker

Best Mini Waffle Maker

Mmm…Waffles! It is our favourite breakfast treat every Sunday morning. You can eat them with maple syrup and bacon, nutella and fruit. They are even great on their own and they sure do keep the kids happy!

I think every household with kids should have a waffle maker, don’t you? They are great fun to make with the little ones and you can even make some delicious chaffles if you are feeling adventurous! Or is that just an excuse for me to have waffles at my disposal 24/7… Either way, you can’t deny that waffles are deliciously irresistible!

I have found mini waffle makers to be a success with kids. They are small and snack-able, quick to make and can easily fit in lunch boxes. Plus, you feel like you can eat more of them because they are smaller…or am I just making excuses again…?

Anyway! Mom’s Baking Co. is here to help you find the best mini waffle maker! Let’s take a look at some of our favourites.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

What better way to start than with the original mini waffle maker; Dash. This 4” waffle maker is one of the best and most loved. It is more than just a mini waffle maker. You can make hash browns, paninis and even pizzas!

Weighing at only 1lb, this waffle maker is ideal if you have a small kitchen as it wont take up much space. It is also great to take with you camping or on holiday, ’cause eating waffles doesn’t stop when we go on holiday, right?

The Dash Mini Waffle maker heats up in just a few minutes and the dual non-stick surface ensures your waffles are cooked to perfection with consistent results every time.

You get a 1 year warranty with the Dash Mini Waffle Maker and even a recipe book! How great! And there are 20 different colours to choose from, so there will definitely be one to suit your style.

Baking tip: Keep in mind, the Dash Mini Waffle Maker takes around 4-6 minutes to cook each waffle. If you have many waffles to make, you might be standing there for a while!

Dash Waffle Maker

This Dash Waffle Maker is just like the one we just reviewed but just slightly bigger at 8”. This can make one large 8” waffle or 4 separate ones. Just like the Dash Mini Waffle Maker, you can also make more than just waffles, such as paninis, pizzas and hash browns.

It is slightly heavier than the mini, weighing 3.66lb but it is still small and compact enough to fit well in your kitchen without taking up too much space.

This 8” Dash Waffle Maker heats up in minutes and the non-stick PFOA-free surfaces make sure you get the tastiest and even looking waffles you’ve ever had! It also includes anti-slip feet, a 1 year warranty and a recipe book.

Baking tip: Choose between 3 different colours; aqua, black and red.

presto waffle maker

You are sure to make professional standard waffles with this waffle maker! The Presto FilpSide Belgian Waffle Maker will make you extra thick waffles using a restaurant style rotating design.

No need to guess when your Presto waffle maker is ready to bake as when you preheat the machine the red light will turn off, indicating that your waffle maker is ready.. Pour your delicious waffle batter into the grid and set the timer for 4 minutes. The timer will start a countdown with a digital display signalling when your warm waffles are ready to be devoured. Enjoy it as a single one or divided into 4 individual mini waffles.

What really makes this waffle maker stand out from the rest is its ability to rotate. Once you have poured in your waffle batter and closed the lid, rotate your waffle maker 180 degrees to spread the batter evenly across the grids.

Never worry that half your waffle will get stuck to the surface as the non-stick grid ensures your waffle will come off easily.

Baking tip: To store your Presto waffle maker, just lock it into its vertical position.

holstein waffle maker

Impress your loved ones and friends with this love heart waffle maker. Who wouldn’t want to eat waffles in the shape of love hearts?!

Making 4 delicious 3” love hearts, this Holstein waffle maker bakes them in just a few minutes. With a non-stick coating, you can rest assured your love hearts will not stick to the maker. There is also a light that lets you know when the waffle maker has preheated, so no need to make any guesses.

You can also save a lot of space with this waffle maker. Just pop it in its upright position and it will fit neatly in any kitchen cupboard.

chuwaffle maker

What is a ChurWaffle you might be asking? Well, this waffle maker is designed to not just make regular waffles but also churro style waffles and waffles made from cornbread! The grids are much deeper than a regular waffle maker so it can take heavier and thicker batter, like that of churros and cornbread.

It is a simple and easy to use waffle maker that has a non-stick coating and non-slip feet. Unlike some of the other waffle makes, this one can make four small 3” waffles all at once. It may make waffles that are smaller, but you are sure to not have to wait around long if you are planning on making a big batch of them!?


No one can deny the deliciousness of waffles. And if you want to make quality mini waffles you need to invest in the best mini waffle maker. Which one you go for really depends on how often you make waffles and for how many people.

Dash has upheld its reputation as one of the best waffle makers out there. If you only plan on making waffles occasionally and for a small family, the Dash Mini Waffle Maker is perfect. But, its ability to only make one waffle at a time might be a deal breaker if you like making lots of waffles for your friends and family.

In this case, the Presto of Burgess waffles makers are some of the best in the market and can make 4 at the same time.

Happy waffle-ing!