The best size springform pan for cheesecake

The best size springform pan for cheesecake

If you thought Soufflé and macarons were the moody divas of the baking world, you probably haven’t made a cheesecake yet. 

Cheesecakes are tricky beasts to master. Once you hone your cheesecake baking skills though, these velvety sweet creations are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. 

If you want to take your cheesecake-making skills to the next level, you need to do a few things right from the start.

You need to first decide on the type of cheesecake you want to make and get a hold of the perfect recipe. Then you have to learn the baking temperatures to ensure your cheesecake isn’t over or undercooked

Perhaps the hardest skill to master is resisting the urge to devour that bad boy straight away. Allowing your cheesecake to cool properly is really important if you want that perfect creamy texture.  

If you really want the best chance of cheesecake success, it’s also important you get yourself a good quality springform pan!

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A Springform Pan: The cheesecake tin of choice

If you’re attempting cheesecake for the first time, you’re probably reaching out for the first cake tin you see. 

Stop, right there!

That usual cake tin isn’t going to cut it here. You need a special type of baking pan with a detachable base to gently release your cheesecake once it has finished baking and cooling.

Enter the savvy springform pan!

As you know, a traditional baking tin is a single molded piece of metal, silicone or glassware. Springform pans, on the other hand, have two parts to them. A circular collar that you can open or close with a latch, and a round flat base that you can easily remove. 

Although it is possible to make a cheesecake without a springform pan, it will certainly make the baking process more difficult and messy. Why? For the simple reason that you cannot flip your delicate creation upside down (as you might do with a sponge cake) without making a mess of it and ruining your hard work.

This special design of a regular or nonstick springform pan makes it easy to unmold delicate cakes with the top side up.

That said, a detachable base makes them prone to leaks, especially when you use a water bath to make cheesecakes. You, of course, fix this by choosing a high-quality pan or covering the base with foil.

The Best size springform pans for cheesecake 

In truth, there isn’t a single best size springform pan for cheesecake, they come in a range of different shapes and sizes depending on the size of cake you want to make.

You will find springform pans ranging from 4” to 12”, although 9” and 10” pans are the best size pans for homemade cheesecake.

Most of these cheesecake pans will have a depth of about 3 inches, making them taller than your average cake tin.

The important thing to remember is that you might need to compensate for the baking time when using a bigger or smaller pan. Check what size pan your chosen recipe uses and adjust accordingly. Of course, learning what makes for the perfect baking time is something you will get a feel for the more you practice.

If you are still struggling to find the right pan for you, here’s a range of my favorite Springform pans in (almost) every size available.

12 Inch Pan

Planning a large gathering? Making a dessert for a festive occasion? Or do you just REALLY like cheesecake? Whatever the reason, bigger is always better. 

When it comes to the biggest cheesecake tins, 12” is about as big as you can get. I personally haven’t seen anything larger than this. Larger pans equal longer baking times, making them slightly tricker to perfect. Also, remember that your cheesecake will still need to sit in a water bath, so unless you have an industrial-sized oven, you will probably struggle to fit anything bigger than this in. 

This 12-inch pan from Winco is a good choice if you are looking to bake a big cheesecake.

10 Inch Pan 

If you are looking for a more standard size of cheesecake, then I would suggest a 10” or 9” pan.

If you opt for the former, then this non-stick springform pan from Wilton Elite is a good choice. It’s made from dark alloy steel and has a reinforced non-stick coating that enables easy removal of your cheesecake and quick clean-up.

The pan itself is 3-inches deep, which is perfect for making cheesecakes, deep-dish pizzas, lasagna and plenty more delicious creations.

9 Inch Pan

My personal go-to size for a cheesecake pan is 9”. I feel it’s a bit easier to get a consistent bake, and also cuts up into good portion sizes. 

Although cheaper than its counterparts, this 9-inch Springform Pan from Hiware performs as well, if not better, than its costlier counterparts. 

The black springform pan is made with non-stick material, is reasonably leakproof, and works well for both no-baked and baked cheesecakes. As an added bonus, you get 50 parchment liners that allow for an easier transfer to your serving plate!

8 Inch Pan 

This 8-inch springform pan for Hiware is made with the same non-stick coating and steel alloy as the 9″ above. You can make everything from cheesecakes to mousse. These pans are reasonably leakproof and work well for both no-baked and baked cheesecakes. 

You get 50 parchment liners with most Hiware springform pans.

7 Inch Pan 

This non-stick pan is the scaled-down version of the 9” and 8” pans. What’s great about this size is that it’s versatile enough to use with instant pots and pressure cookers. You can also use it both in the oven (of course) and on the stovetop too.

Like the other Hiware springform pans, this 7-inch cheesecake tin is made with durable alloy steel and leakproof. 

As this is a small cheesecake pan, you will want to consider reducing your bake time slightly to compensate for the smaller mass.

12 Mini Cheesecake Pan

Mini cheesecake pans are ideal for bite-sized desserts for large gathers. They look amazingly elegant and will always leave your guests coming back for more!

With mini cheesecake pans, it’s important to remember you still need to use a water bath, this helps keep the cake’s baking at that controlled temperature. I suggest aluminum-rapping each well individually. Alternatively using silicone cupcake liners is a brilliant time-saving hack! 

This 12-hole, non-stick cheesecake pan from Noropro helps you bake and set mini cheesecakes. The dark pan comes with wells that are 1.5” deep and a 2” diameter. 

Unlike the larger cheesecake pans, mini cheesecake pans use a push pan bottom. With this tray, you can also make mini tarts, quiche, muffins and so much more.

6 Mini Cheesecake Pan 

Another option for small cheesecake. This professional non-stick USA pan makes 6 mini wells that are 3-inch tall and 2” in diameter, all with a detachable base.

This light-colored pan is made with commercial-grade aluminum and has a quick-release coating for easy removal of cheesecakes and other petit desserts. 

What size springform pan should you use for cheesecake? 

As you just saw, there is a huge range of springform pan sizes for cheesecakes, all of which are capable of whipping up a beautiful dessert.

The right size of cheesecake tin for you will ultimately come down to your baking requirements. Are you baking for a large social gathering or party? Then opt for the giant 12″ or the elegant mini pans. If you are catering to a smaller crowd, then I suggest getting a 10″ or 9″.

In truth, many bakers will have a selection of springform pans, allowing them to have the perfect size pan for every occasion.

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