Best stand mixer under 100

The Best Stand Mixer Under 100 in 2023

Let’s face it, mixing with a handheld whisk or spatula is tedious, arm-aching work. Your muscles hurt for days and that cake you were about to serve up comes out of the oven flatter than a pancake because you gave up mixing halfway through. If you are one of those bakers who are still manual mixing, I think it’s time to retire that whisk.

I find that a lot of bakers will never buy a proper mixer because they are worried that it might cost too much. But what if I told you that’s not always the case?

A decent stand mixer can cost anywhere between $100 and $500 and, sometimes, even more. If you have your eyes on a Kenwood or KitchenAid model, then prepare to fork out a considerable chunk of change. In honesty, spending over $500 is pretty excessive, especially if you are new to baking. A lot of the time you are paying just as much for the brand name as much as you are for the ability of the machine.

I am here to tell you it’s absolutely possible to get a budget stand mixer that performs just as well as the big-name brands for a fraction of the price. I have spent the last couple of weeks hunting around and researching the best stand mixers under 100 dollars to help you get the best possible deal.

Want The Quick Comparison?

Here are a few of my favorite stand mixers under $100 I think you’ll love!

Want to find out more about my top pick? Read on!

The best stand mixers under $100

Hamilton Beach 63391 Stand Mixer 

If I were to buy a stand mixer under $100, it would definitely be this one. I personally think Hamilton Beach is one of the leading brands when it comes to budget appliances and their stand mixers are no exception.

This 7-speed mixer squeezes in just a little over the $100 mark but I really like how many great features Hamilton Beach has squeezed into this machine. For starters, it uses the same ‘planetary motion’ mixing mechanism that is found on KitchenAid mixers and other eye-watering expensive stand mixers. Planetary motion means that the head spins clockwise, while the mixing attachment spins anti-clockwise, allowing the machine to both mix and fold your ingredients. This guarantees a significantly better mix to your batter than central mixing rotation.

Another thing I really like about the Hamilton Beach 63391 speed is the complete coverage between the mixing attachments and the mixing bowl. Unlike a lot of the cheaper mixers, the attachments and bowl on the Hamilton Beach are designed to intersect perfectly, meaning you won’t have to spend most of your time scraping down the side of the bowl.

The mixer comes with a flat beater, dough hook, whisk and splash guard. It also has a respectable 300-watt motor which is paired with a 4-quart bowl, allowing you to mix up some good size batches of the tasty treats of your choice.

What makes this stand mixer stand out from the rest is its handle at the top of the mixer. This allows you to tilt the head with ease as you add ingredients to your bowl and it is easy to carry when storing it. 

The guide at the top of the mixer is definitely my favorite feature. Not only is this stand mixer great for those on a budget but it’s also great for beginners. The guide indicates which speed to use depending on what you are mixing.

Hamilton Beach 93390 Stand Mixer 

Here’s another great Hamilton Beach stand mixer alternative for you. This is very similar to the first Hamilton Beach stand mixer I just mentioned. It has a 300-watt motor and a 4-quart stainless steel mixing bowl. It has a planetary mixing action similar to the KitchenAid, providing complete bowl coverage. 

With 7 speed settings that can power through the toughest of doughs or whisk up the fluffiest meringues, you know you are getting a quality stand mixer for under 100.

With your Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer, you get a dough hook, flat beater and whisk, as well as a splash guard. 

The only real difference between this Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer and the first one is the price (this one is slightly cheaper) the design and the size. Other than that, they both work in very similar ways.

Nurxiovo Stand Mixer 

The Nurxiovo is a great stand mixer under $100. It features a powerful 660-watt motor and 6-speed options plus a pulse function, giving you access to an abundance of recipes you can make. 

The Nurxiovo stand mixer has strong suction cups that provide stability with limited vibrations. Meaning you can just walk away without worrying that your stand mixer will fall off the side of your kitchen top!

With your Nurxiovo Stand Mixer, you’ll get a splash guard, dough hook, whisk, and a beater which is all easy to attach and release from the mixer. You also get a large 6.5-quart mixing bowl, which is big enough to make large batches of all your favorite cakes.

Aifeel Stand Mixer 

Aifeel may not be a very well-known brand, but when it comes to a budget-friendly stand mixer, this takes the win! With an 800 watt motor and 4.3 quart stainless steel mixing bowl, you get much more than what you want for $79.99.

The Aifeel features an overheating protection mode which automatically stops the mixing process when it starts to overheat, ensuring safety at all times. The manufacturer suggests you don’t use the stand mixer for longer than 8 minutes at a time to avoid it overheating. This could be a bit of a pain, though, if some recipes require you to mix for longer. 

What makes this stand mixer different from the rest is that instead of having different speeds, it has 3 preset speeds depending on which attachment you are using. If you’re used to working with different speed variables, then this might take a while to get used to. But for some, this could be a game-changing feature as it decides the speed for you without you having to guess. 

With your Aifeel stand mixer, you get your standard dough hook, flat beater and whisk. You will also get a splash guard with an opening so you can add more ingredients to your batter.

The Aifeel also features anti-slip feet for steadiness and a tilt-back head design which makes removing the mixing bowl and attachments easier. 


Okay, so this is another one that sits a little bit over our $100 budget, but this mixer is certainly worthy of a mention.

This sleek mixer comes in 4 different very appealing colors (Black, red, Silver and Champagne) and boasts a massive 1400 watt motor.

As one of the most popular mixers on the market, it’s perfect for your everyday mixing and can handle even the toughest of doughs. It has 6 speeds and a pulse function, and with a 7L bowl, you can mix very large quantities all at once. There are also handles on the side of the bowl for convenience. It comes with a dough hook, beater, whisks and splash guard with hatch, as well as a tilted head so it’s easy for you to install and uninstall the bowl and its accessories.

It has a sleek and shiny finish which certainly makes this mixer look expensive (but it’s really not). And no need to worry that the Aucma will go walkies along the counter with its powerful suction feet.

For the UK: Stand Mixers Under £100

Some of the mixers I mentioned above might not be available to our UK friends, so here are a few extra international suggestions worthy of a look!

Heska Stand Mixer

Heska stand mixer under 100

This stand mixer has a 1500 watt motor, 6 speeds and a pulse function. With this amount of power and a 5.5L stainless steel bowl you’ll be able to mix the toughest of doughs. A lot of popular mixers tend to really shake on the faster settings, but not this one. It’s incredibly sturdy, and although a bit noisy (seriously, which mixer isn’t), you will never have to worry about it dying on you mid-mix.

It comes with a dough hook, flat beater, egg whisk, flex edge beater and splash guard. It also comes with a handle on the side for your convenience. What more do you need from a stand mixer?

It may be quite big and difficult to store, but if you have the space then you definitely should give this stand mixer a second look.

Haden Lorraine Pascal Stand Mixer

Haden Lorraine Pascal Stand Mixer under £100

Another mixer I really like is the Haden Lorraine Pascal mixer, although it seems pretty difficult to get your hands on this machine if you live outside of the UK. Nevertheless, this is a great everyday kitchen appliance designed for professional bakers and beginners alike. It’s compact and light, with a stainless steel 4.5 liter bowl, which gives you plenty of space to mix all your ingredients without overflowing. It has a powerful 800-watt motor, ideal for mixing tougher ingredients.

It comes fully equipped with a beater, dough hook, whisk and splash guard with a chute, all of which are essential equipment to create those mouth-watering bakes. All the accessories are dishwasher friendly, so you can spend less time worrying about the mess and more time on perfecting your bakes. The chute also makes it easy to add all your favorite ingredients while the mixer is on, without worrying they will go flying around the kitchen.

Even at maximum speed, this Haden Stand Mixer makes minimal noise. The non-slip base also makes sure that your mixer will not go wandering around the counter. So sit back, relax and let the Haden do all the work for you.

This little machine may be on the cheaper side but it certainly acts and looks like a pro. It’s got a modern, sleek black finish, which will look good in every kitchen. And better yet, you don’t need to take out a second mortgage to get your hands on it!

Breville Twin Hand and Stand Mixer

Breville Twin Hand and Stand Mixer

This machine instantly stands out of the crowd and is a great stand mixer under £100.

This Breville machine doubles up as a stand and a hand mixer! Talk about a bargain! You get the benefits of a detachable hand mixer for more control and a stand mixer for more stability. Fantastic. With a twin motor of 380 watt, it may not be the most powerful mixer but with 10 mixing speeds and 2 bowl turning speeds, it will no doubt mix all your ingredients perfectly.

With a 3.2L stainless steel bowl, it may not be the biggest on this list, but it is still big enough to bake a good size cake and bread. The twin motor means that the attachments rotate all around the edge of the bowl, making sure no ingredient is left unmixed. This is a great plus as most mixers tend to mix just in the center!

If you are only doing the occasional bake, this little 2-in-1 machine does everything you need and more. With a twin motor, rotating bowl and detachable hand mixer, you get more than you bargained for!

What’s your favorite?

While there are plenty of budget-friendly mixers available, the mixers above are some of the best stand mixers under $100/£100. Now, if you are all about baking those show stoppers, you will need a powerful stand mixer so you might have to spend a bit extra to really get a good quality one. 

My favorite budget stand mixer has to be the Hamilton Beach 63391. Not only does it not break the bank, it has a handle and a guide to help you if you’re not sure which speed to use. 

For all our British friends out there, the Heska is perfect for those on a budget. It might be under £100 but it works and looks like it should cost five times this price!

If you only bake occasionally, then there is really no need to splash the cash. The Haden or the Hamilton Beach 93390 stand mixers are certainly fit for that purpose.

Happy baking!