Best Stand Mixer Under 200

Best Stand Mixer Under 200

When I started baking, my first purchase was a hand mixer and it was probably the most exciting purchase I made. I loved my hand mixer! It just had two whisks, but it did what I needed it to do well.

But, if I wanted to progress in baking, I knew I had to bring in the big guns; the stand mixer. Stand mixers take your baking up a few notches and it allows you to do so much more. That is not to say you get rid of your hand mixer. Hand mixers are a fantastic tool to have and are very useful for baking.

Now, stand mixers can range from super budget-friendly at as little as $70. But, stand mixers can also cost as much as $500! Ridiculous for a stand mixer, right?

Here at Mom’s Baking Co, we are all about showing you good quality products that everyone can afford. If you are looking to invest in a stand mixer around the mid-range price, then stick around as we bring to you our favorite stand mixer for under 200 dollars.

Cusimax Stand Mixer

The Cusimax stand mixer is a beautiful and classy appliance that will fit in your kitchen really well. It features a very powerful 800-watt motor and 3-speed variables, from a slow stir to a fast mix.

With a 5 Quart stainless steel mixing bowl, you can mix large quantities with ease. There is also a splash guard with an access port that you can open and close as you add more ingredients into your mixture.

The mixer features a tilt-head design that allows you to place your bowl and its accessories with ease. There are also anti-slip suction cups that keep your mixer steady while it’s doing its thing.

With your Cusimax stand mixer, you’ll get a whisk, a dough hook, and a mixing beater.

Baking tip: The attachments are not made out of stainless steel so you might find that the coating starts to come off after a few washes.

Aucma Stand Mixer

This Aucma Stand Mixer is one of the best of its kind. With a powerful 660 watt motor and 6-speed controls with a pulse function, you’ll have everything you need from a stand mixer.

With this stand mixer, you get a 6.5 Quart stainless steel bowl with handles. This is large enough to mix large quantities and the dual handles make it more convenient to hold.

The Aucma features a tilt-head design, making it easier to install your accessories and the mixing bowl. The LED light is also a great feature that indicates when your mixer is turned on.

You’ll get a whisk, a dough hook, and a mixing beater with the Aucma stand mixer. As well as a splash guard with an access hatch to make it easier when adding extra ingredients to your mix.

Baking tip: The Aucma features an anti-slip pad at the bottom and is also much quieter than other stand mixers out there.

SanLidA Stand Mixer

The SanLidA Stand Mixer might not look like the fairest of them all, but what it lacks in style, it makes up for in performance.

With a 9.5 Quart stainless steel mixing bowl, the SanLidA Stand Mixer offers enough capacity to mix batter for a thousand cakes! …Maybe not a thousand but you get my point. It has one of the largest capacities in a stand mixer and the 10 speed variable suits any recipe. There is also a pulse setting for a quick blitz. It also features a planetary mixing action, making sure that all sides are mixed well.

What’s great about the SanLidA stand mixer is that its attachments are all dishwasher friendly! No more spending hours cleaning up after a day of baking. Simply throw them in the dishwasher and you’re all set.

The SanLidA comes with a dough hook, a beater and a whisk, as well as a spatula and a splash guard.

Baking tip: Choose from 2 colors; Nemesis Black and Cream White.

Cuisinart Stand Mixer

Cuisinart is one of our favorite kitchen brands. It is very reliable and never ceases to disappoint.

The Cuisinart SM-50TQ Stand Mixer is a powerful machine with a 500-watt motor and a bowl large enough to make loads of batches of your favourite cake batter. It delivers on performance and its 12 speeds allow you to mix the lightest of batter to the toughest doughs.

The 5.5 Quart stainless steel bowl with handles screams quality and the tilt-back head allows for easy access to the mixing bowl. With your mixer, you get a chef’s whisk, dough hook, flat mixing paddle, and a splash guard with a pour spout. You also get a recipe book too!

Choose from 6 different colors; Silver Lining, Onyx, Periwinkle Blue, Ruby Red, White Linen, and Robin’s Egg. (Yes, I am just as confused as you are at some of the names of these colors…)

Baking tip: If you knead bread dough on a regular basis, then the Cuisinart SM-50TQ Stand Mixer is probably not the one for you.


So, there you have it! The best stand mixer under 200 dollars. You really don’t need to spend much to get a top-quality product! Which one you chose comes down to your baking habits. If you are an occasional baker wanting to go for a super budget-friendly stand mixer that performs well, then the Cusimax is the one for you. It’s sleek, looks great, and more importantly, it doesn’t break the bank.

If are a more professional chef and need to make large batches of batter, then you’ll find nothing better than the SanLidA. The humongous bowl capacity allows you to batch bake with ease.

Happy mixing!