Best Bread Maker Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

The 5 Best Bread Maker Accessories in 2023 (You Absolutely Need These!)

You’ve got that bread machine sitting in your shopping cart and now you’re wondering, is there anything else I should add? The answer is likely yes. There are a handful of bread machine accessories that you’ll soon discover are pretty crucial to making flawless loaves, no matter the flavor or size. Read on to discover the top five essential bread machine accessories and a few lesser-known ones to consider as well.

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Essential Bread Machine Accessories

Looking for the finest bread-baking essentials for bread machines? A bread maker is nothing without the necessary accessories! We’ve composed a list of the most pivotal accessories beginning with the most fundamental. 

Bread Slicer

The most essential accessory you’ll need to accompany your newfound bread machine will be a bread slicer. 

A bread slice is a simple device to help with slicing bread. Just place baked loaves inside and slice between the grooves to get perfectly even sliced bread every time. Most bread slicers are made of bamboo or plastic. 

The highest-rated bread slicers are the wood ones, however, so opt for one of those. Our top choice is this Luxury Bamboo Bread Slicer by Bambüsi. It comes with a crumb-catching tray underneath and a magnetized bread knife included so you never lose your #2 tool. 

Additionally, this bread slicer is made with 100% environmentally conscious bamboo and is foldable for easy storage. Whenever you don’t need it you can easily fold it flat for compact storage in cabinets and cupboards. 

Bread Slicing Knife

Your second most necessary bread-maker accessory will, of course, be a bread-slicing knife. Regular knives aren’t suited for slicing loaves and will often crush the inside texture. You’ll need a properly serrated bread knife that cuts the loaf cleanly, leaving the crust undamaged and inside intact.

For a top-of-the-line bread knife, many bakers recommend the brand Wüsthof, but these bread-slicing knives are pricey, going for $75 (at the lowest) on Amazon. They are, however, made from high-carbon stainless steel and have a limited lifetime warranty.

For some more affordable options, consider the brands Kutler, Cuisinart, or Mercer.

Digital Baking Scale

Your #3 most needed bread machine accessory will be a digital food or baking scale. Advanced bakers measure by weight rather than using cups and spoons – for this you’ll need a digital scale. Any recipes that call for measurements in grams will need one as well.

Why do professional bakers weigh their ingredients? The consistency of certain flours can vary, and even factors like humidity can affect ingredients, making a leveled measuring cup or spoon different from one brand to another. This can result in bread that’s not quite perfect. For exquisite results every time, you’ll want a tried and tested digital scale.

We recommend Grips Everyday Glass Scale by OXO. It has an easy-to-clean glass platform. Other scales have gaps or seams where food can fall into – but not this scale. There’s also the slightly more upscale version made from stainless steel with a pullout display.

Bread Box

Your next most vital accessory for keeping delicious bread machine loaves crisp on the outside and moist on the inside is a bread box

The best bread boxes trap moisture from the bread in the container, but simultaneously allow some to escape so it doesn’t soften the exterior. These bread storage containers allow you to keep homemade bread fresh longer, keeping it at peak freshness for 3 to 4 days. Even better, their appealing countertop appearance reminds everyone of the fresh, rustic loaves inside, so you won’t forget to eat them.

Oggi is a great brand for modern-looking bread boxes. Check out their durable Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box with Tempered Glass Lid or full Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box for sleek and contemporary countertop loaf storage.

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Bread Machine Recipe Book

Another essential accessory you’ll want to pick up to accompany your bread machine is a good bread maker cookbook, full of both classic recipes and unconventional ones. Our top recommendation for a bread machine cookbook is Beth Hensberger’s The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook. 

This 600-plus page cookbook is brimming with bread machine tips, tricks and recipes. It’s an essential guide for both new and experienced bread machine users and contains some 300 recipes from this master baker. 

Take a look at more options here!

Other Helpful Bread Maker Accessories

There are a few other bread machine accessories you should be aware of. These include handy cord winders and replacement parts like baking pans and replacement paddles.

Cord Winder

A cord winder is a handy little device that sticks to the side of your bread machine. This can be quite helpful for those with smaller kitchens and less countertop space who often need to move their bread makers out of sight when not in use. Just apply the adhesive device and wind the cord around for easier appliance portability.

Replacement Parts

Some additional accessories you may want to familiarize yourself with are replacement parts. It’s good to know what parts might need reordering ahead of time, so you can be on the lookout for wear and tear.

Replacement Paddles

Paddles are quite necessary to a bread machine, so if you lose one you’ll want to replace it quickly. You can always purchase a few extra ones at the same time you purchase your bread machine, just in case you need one down the road and don’t want to scour the internet for the correct part in 5 years’ time.

I bet you’re thinking, how could anyone ever lose a bread machine paddle? Well, it’s easier than you think. Sometimes the paddle sticks to the bottom of your loaf and you won’t notice as you remove the bread. Next, you gift that loaf away to your friend, neighbor or in-law. Maybe they never notice the paddle and accidentally throw it out with the rest of the unfinished loaf that they couldn’t polish off – or perhaps they pull it off and are too embarrassed to tell you. Or they mean to and just lose it.

Trust me, it happens. Bypass this headache and keep a few extra paddles on hand. That or inspect every loaf meticulously after removing it.

Baking Pan

Another thing that may wear out over time is your removable baking pan. Some find that after years of use, the pan isn’t easy to set back into the bread machine as it once was due to it becoming dented or because of other wear. The nonstick coating can wear down eventually as well.

Check your manufacturer’s handbook or look for the make and model of your machine to find a compatible replacement. You’ll likely be able to search for one on Amazon or through the manufacturer.

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Which Accessories Will You Add to Your Bread Maker?

Those are the key accessories for most bread machines. We’ve explored the essentials – you know you’ll need a bread slicer and bread knife, digital scale, bread box and recipe book. We’ve also identified the helpful and handy – cord winders for ease of movement and replacement parts like paddles and bread pans. And, if you are feeling lazy, you could also keep a few bread machine bread mixes handy!

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