How To Get Your Hands On Cheap Smeg Appliances

How To Get Your Hands on Cheap Smeg Appliances

Smeg has been designing oodles of aesthetically pleasing appliances since the 1950s. You’ll find retro refrigerators and dishwashers in designer collaborations and limited editions as well as an appealing collection of luxe countertop appliances sporting elite vintage vibes. 

Designed in Italy, Smeg appliances are both exclusive and luxurious machines. Whether you’re in the market for a major appliance or a simple countertop stand mixer, Smeg likely has something in its line of nostalgic-styled appliances to suit both your culinary needs and your design tastes. 

Unfortunately, with this exclusive, high-end brand comes high-end prices and just window shopping can make your bank account quiver in fear. But don’t sweat – we’ve rounded up the best places to source Smeg discounts and sales.

Where To Buy Cheap Smeg Appliances

Why is Smeg so expensive

So it’s finally happened – that old appliance bit the dust. You’ve settled on Smeg’s irresistible retro design to replace it, but don’t want to waste a single pretty penny. 

These are the most affordable sites and stores to shop for Smeg appliances at economical prices.


Amazon is available to both buyers in the US and UK and features a wide array of Smeg appliances in various colors. From this rose gold electric kettle to this stunning Union Jack toaster, you’ll find a myriad of appliances to lust over.

Amazon has a few larger Smeg appliances as well, but you’ll find a better selection of small appliances here including toasters, blenders, coffee makers and electric kettles as well as the occasional juicer or ice cream maker. Larger appliances, however, such as refrigerators and ranges are not as readily available on this site.

Shopping in June or July? Try waiting for Amazon Prime Day – you just might score a deal on that dreamy countertop mixer you’ve been eyeing.

Head over to or to check out these deals.

Amazon Warehouse

Did you know you can shop for open-box, returned, and used items on Amazon? It’s a little-known secret that I’ve been taking advantage of for years. They’re called Amazon Warehouse Deals.

There are a few ways to shop on Amazon Warehouse.

You can enter your search query on Amazon’s search page, scroll down to “condition” on the left side of your screen, and select used. You’ll see the full price first, but below that, you’ll see More Buying Choices (used & new offers) displaying lower prices. Click on those to see the condition and price.  

For mobile, search Smeg and then go to filters – condition will be towards the bottom of the list.

You can also go straight to the Amazon Warehouse page and search there.

You’ll find items ranging from “like new” condition where simply the packaging is destroyed to “very good,” “good,” and “acceptable” condition with minor cosmetic damage. 

I personally have bought several items where the original packaging was destroyed and the item came repackaged in a different box, and it was a steal

It can sometimes be a gamble though – I have gotten one or two items with a missing part or defect that was overlooked. Luckily, if you do get sent a dud, you can return it. That’s right, Amazon’s return policy extends to Amazon Warehouse purchases as well.


Smeg Fridge Discount Wayfair UK

Wayfair has an excellent collection of Smeg appliances from the large to the small. You’ll find major appliances from ranges to retro refrigerators in a collection of shades spanning from the bright and bold to the pastel. 

The selection for small appliances is just as broad. You’ll find stand mixers, toasters, blenders and electric tea kettles all in the same charming hues.

Wayfair’s sales are plentiful and they even have a store credit card that offers a choice of no-interest financing on qualifying orders or 5% back in rewards at Wayfair.

Wayfair ships free to both the United States and the United Kingdom. Check out their selection of Smeg appliances at or

Appliances Connection

where to buy smeg appliance

Looking for bigger appliances? Appliances Connection has a large selection of ranges and refrigerators at competitive prices. 

In addition, they have a high trust pilot score (4.5 at the time of writing this article) so don’t be put off by their plain, less-than-glossy website – their customer service is very reliable.

You’ll find less common shades here such as this matching range and hood available in both olive green or canary yellow as well as mini fridges in mint green and eggplant.

They even carry retro-themed dishwashers in nostalgic white, cream, red and black. Smaller appliances aren’t readily available here, but larger ones in niche colors are.

Additionally, they offer free delivery and have an array of installation services available for major appliances, from installing your new appliance to hauling away your old one to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly method. You’re welcome, planet Earth.

At this time, Appliances Connection only ships to the United States.

eBay, Mercari, and Other Secondhand Sites

Truly on a tight budget? You can take a look at previously owned Smeg appliances on secondhand sites such as eBay, Mercari, and local marketplaces. This can be a great opportunity for a deal, but you could be taking a risk as peer-to-peer sales generally don’t offer a return policy, with the exception of eBay and Mercari.


eBay is by far the oldest and most established site for selling secondhand goods at competitive prices, having been around since 1995. You can find items ranging from new to used and many sellers offer returns if the item is a let-down. Just make sure you check out the seller’s policies and ratings before buying – no secondhand sites are completely free of scams. 

eBay does offer a Money Back Guarantee though, which covers most transactions on eBay, meaning buyers can get their money back if an item is faulty, doesn’t match the listing, or simply never shows up. 


Another newer secondhand site is Mercari. You can buy small appliances that can be shipped directly to you or are occasionally available for local pickup. Worried about buying your precious Smeg appliance here? Mercari also offers buyer protection.

Mercari holds the seller’s payment until you receive and rate your product (you have 3 days to do so). If you receive an incorrect, damaged, or item different than what is described, you can get a full refund. Additionally, like eBay, sellers on Mercari have visible reviews and badges, so you can ensure you buy from a reputable seller.

Community Marketplaces

There are also community marketplaces where you can buy gently used Smeg appliances, but these come with the highest risks. You have to meet up in person (awkward) and can’t do much if the appliance breaks in 2 weeks. 

However, for the right price, it just might be worth the risk. Some community marketplaces you may wish to check out are Nextdoor, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.

Retailers Offering Smeg Small Appliances Sales

In addition to the above-mentioned sources, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Crate and Barrel, and Williams Sonoma also carry Smeg appliances. Although they definitely aren’t at Smeg clearance prices, they do offer sales and discounts on occasion and if you happen to have a gift card, they can make the purchase worth it. 

If you’re shopping for Smeg appliances around a holiday, be sure to check these stores out just in case.

According to Forbes, sales of major appliances tend to peak from September to October, but smaller appliances tend to have sales around Memorial Day weekend. In addition to Black Friday, Reader’s Digest mentions Labor Day, Presidents Day, the 4th of July and “Black Friday in July” (where stores offer sales to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day) as other optimal times to buy small appliances.

Where To Find Smeg Appliances in the UK

If you’re in the UK, there are a few more avenues where you may be able to find discounted Smeg appliances. 

Smeg Online Store

Smeg Fridge Sale UK

In addition to Amazon and Wayfair, you’ll find the Smeg Online Store which only ships to UK customers (the only areas they do not currently deliver to are the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands). Delivery is free with small appliances being delivered in approximately 3 to 5 working days and large appliances in 7 to 10.

Unfortunately for US buyers, the Smeg website only helps you locate nearby dealers.


Best deals on Smeg refrigerator Harrods

Harrods has a great selection of small Smeg appliances for UK shoppers including mixers, toasters, kettles, juicers and blenders. Free delivery is offered and various rewards are available for regular shoppers to be used on future purchases.

My personal favorite on their site? This special edition gold toaster. Lux-ur-IOUS.

AO Store

Smeg Fridge Sale UK

Another option for UK shoppers in search of affordable Smeg appliances is From espresso machines to mini kettles, you’ll find pleasing countertop collections that double as decor when they’re off duty.

AO has a price match promise, offers next-day delivery 7 days a week, and has a high trust pilot ranking. There are a few places they can’t deliver to in the UK unfortunately, including Northern Ireland and remote parts of Scotland among a few other locations.

Get Yourself a Cheap Smeg Appliance!

We’ve rooted out the best avenues of finding Smeg appliances to decorate your kitchen (and brew, mix or bake with too!) from the well-known to the little-known. We’ve disclosed the options for both new, open box, and used versions so you can hunt for those precious appliances no matter where your budget lies. 

We’ve even covered ideal times to shop for appliances whether large or small. And guess what – UK buyers haven’t been forgotten either. A specialized list of retailers to source Smeg appliances from has been provided just for you, so you don’t feel left out. 

Your dream appliance is out there somewhere! Get shopping!

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