Crumbl Cookie Gift card guide

The Complete Crumbl Cookie Gift Card Guide

Gift cards make great gifts for birthdays, graduations and holidays. Be it a favorite coworker, treasured friend or beloved family member, Crumbl gift cards are always a treat. Some think gift cards are impersonal, but I heartily disagree – gift cards allow the recipient to buy exactly what they want when they want it. 

You don’t have to worry about piling cookies on someone who’s just eaten lunch or hem and haw over which flavor of cookie they’d prefer. There’s no fretting about Crumbl cookie gift wrap or how to transport these gorgeous boxed delights without damaging your precious baked bounty. 

Crumbl gift cards are a fantastic no-fuss present. Go on – grab a Crumbl gift card even if your bestie says she’s on a diet. Everyone deserves a little splurge here and there, and she’ll be more likely to share her cookies with you!

If you have any pressing questions about the Crumbl Cookies gift card, I’ve tried to answer them all below!

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Does Crumbl Cookie Have Gift Cards?

Yes, Crumbl does offer gift cards! You can purchase a physical gift card in-store that can be used at any store location or buy a digital gift card on the Crumbl Cookies website. These digital gift cards are a little different than your standard e-gift card. Instead of an email, you enter the recipient’s phone number and pick a day and time for it to be sent. 

Digital gift cards from Crumbl cannot be printed. The Crumbl Cookie e-gift card is sent through the Crumbl app. It will send the gift card via text to a U.S. phone number. The gift cards vary in price.

Crumbl Cookies Gift Card

Where to Buy Crumbl Cookie Gift Cards

Whether you’re looking to buy a digital Crumbl cookie gift card or pick up a physical one at a store – it’s good to know where to buy Crumbl gift cards. Although the Crumbl Cookie company is exceedingly popular, currently, Crumbl gift cards are most readily available for purchase digitally on their website or in person at Crumbl stores. You can go in-store and purchase a gift card any day of the week apart from Sundays.

Who Sells Crumbl Cookie Gift Cards?

As previously mentioned, you can buy Crumbl gift cards both in Crumbl stores and on their website. Previously, Crumbl gift cards have been available at other retailers such as Costco, but these options are often a limited-time promotion.

Crumbl Cookies costco

Crumbl gift cards may not be available at your local mall or supermarket, but they’re worth the hunt. Just think of all those soft, sweet and chewy cookies waiting for you! And new flavors are released constantly so there’s always something new to try.

How to Check Crumbl Cookie Gift Card Balance

Where can you do a Crumbl Cookie gift card balance check? At this time, Crumbl does not have the option to check your gift card balance online (although they are currently working on it according to their website!). For now, you can either check your balance in-store or use the Crumbl app.

Does Crumbl Cookie Take Visa Gift Cards?

According to Crumbl’s website, they accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, cash and card. Visa gift cards are just like credit cards and are accepted anywhere Visa is, so yes! Crumbl Cookies does accept Visa gift cards.

Does Crumbl Cookie Give Birthday Gift?

Wondering what the Crumbl Cookie birthday gift is? You can get a free cookie on your birthday every single year! Simply join the Crumbl Birthday Club. To sign up via the Crumbl app, look under Loyalty, select “Earn Free Crumbs,” then “Join Birthday Club.” Now all you have to do is add your birthday!

To sign up on the website, sign into your account, select “Earn Free Crumbs,” and then look for “Add your birthday.” Now, you’ll receive a birthday voucher in your email at 10 a.m. MST on your birthday!

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You can use that voucher for any of Crumbl’s exciting flavor options. In the past, they’ve had everything from cheesecake-flavored cookies to ones tasting like a snickerdoodle cupcake.

Just be sure to sign up a few days before your birthday – you won’t get your voucher unless you sign up at least 48 hours before your birth date!

How Long Do Crumbl Birthday Vouchers Last?

How soon do you need to use that voucher? Birthday vouchers are good for 40 days. Feel free to wait for a favorite flavor to pop up on Crumbl’s weekly rotating cookie menu or use it as soon as possible to snag their award-winning milk chocolate chip cookie in lieu of birthday cake. 

And if you’re curious, birthday vouchers can be redeemed in-store or used for pickup. 

Do Crumbl Gift Cards Expire?

Questioning if you have to use that Crumbl gift card within a certain time frame? Not really. Unlike birthday vouchers, Crumbl gift cards do not expire. The recipient can use that gift card all in one go or spread it out and savor it for as long as possible!

You can sample a different cookie every week until you run out or buy as many iconic pink boxes as you can carry to build a boxed cookie tower.

Crumbl cookies gift cards

Can I Print a Crumbl Gift Card?

Unfortunately, you cannot print Crumbl gift cards at this time. If you want a physical gift card to gift, you must purchase a gift card at a Crumbl store.

Can I Email a Crumbl Gift Card?

Sorry, this one’s a no-go as well. Crumbl gift cards are connected to phone numbers, not emails. You can text someone a link to their digital Crumbl gift card, but they must have a U.S. based phone number as of now.

Get Your Gift Card!

Do you feel like a Crumbl gift card expert yet? You should! Crumbl gift cards work a little differently than other gift cards, so it’s helpful to know the ins and outs beforehand. We’ve covered all the basics. You can purchase Crumbl gift cards both in-store for a physical gift as well as online to be sent to the recipient via text. 

If you’re wondering how much cookie cash you’ve got left, you can check that gift card balance in-store or on the Crumbl app. 

And don’t forget to join the Crumbl Birthday Club so you can enjoy a special treat yourself! You can do so via the app or your online account and receive a free cookie on your birthday this year and for all those foreseeable future birthdays! Birthday vouchers don’t even need to be used right away – you have over a month to redeem your birthday voucher, in fact. Just in case you get gifted some fresh Crumbl cookies yourself.