How Much Does Are Bread Makers

How Much Are Bread Makers? An Insight Into The Cost Of Making Bread At Home

So, you’ve been savoring the thought of freshly made loaves of bread baking right on your countertop and you’re inching closer and closer to buying a bread maker. But likely you have some questions first. You’re probably wondering – how much do these countertop bread machines cost? What is the average price for a decent bread maker? And are these little bread-making devices worth the price? 

These are all fair questions any savvy shopper might ask. Let’s explore some of the answers.

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Are Bread Machines Worth the Cost?

This is a common question many bread machine shoppers ask when considering the cost of a bread maker. The answer depends on mainly two things – the amount of bread you and your family consume and how much you value fresh-baked bread.

If you’re simply doing a one-on-one comparison of whether it is cheaper to buy store-bought bread or make your own, it is marginally cheaper to make your own in most cases. You just have to consider the initial cost of the bread maker in your calculations. The amount of money a breadmaker saves you is typically small for basic store-bought bread but is higher for specialty bread or bakery-type loaves.

So if you’re planning on making simple white loaf after loaf, a bread maker may not pay off for a while, but if you value the higher-end oat, nut, and high-density wheat bread, a bread maker can be well worth the investment. Just be sure to factor in the cost of ingredients and electricity used in your consideration.

Average Price of Bread Machines

The cost of a bread-making machine is a determining factor in many bread enthusiasts’ decision-making process. Although you may find bread machines for as little as $50 or $60 at some retailers, a decent bread machine will cost you around $100 to $200, with $150 being about the average. You can go even more expensive and spend as much as $400 for the best bread makers on the market. 

best budget bread maker

When shopping for a bread maker, be sure to look out for the features that are most important to you. Do you love sourdough bread? Make sure your prospective bread maker has a setting for this – not all do! 

Are you a fan of nut and fruit bread? Some breadmakers have a separate fruit and nut dispenser tray for mixing these items into your bread at the right time so you don’t have to do it manually.

Some other considerations may be crust settings, delay timer, and express bake options for those last-minute breadmaking needs.

Costs: Store-Bought, Bakery-Bought, or Homemade?

Considering whether a bread machine is worth the cost? That often depends on the type of bread you’re comparing it to.


If you’re looking at the costs side by side, buying bakery-made bread will likely be the most expensive. Why? Bakery breads are generally free of preservatives, chemicals, and artificial flavors

biggest bread maker

Prepackaged, sliced bread like those usually found in the supermarket often suggests the loaf has been treated with preservatives. This may extend the life of your bread but at the expense of flavor and texture.

Bakery bread may be more expensive, but those fresher, flakier-crusted loaves are worth the extra dollars for true bread connoisseurs.


Supermarket bread will be cheaper than your local bakery, but the quality will likely be less. If you’re an occasional bread consumer, you and your family likely won’t notice these nuances, and for those that go through bread in lower amounts and have to worry about bread going bad, this may be the best option (although you can freeze bakery or homemade bread to extend its shelf life).

homemade bread and store-bought bread


Making homemade bread will be cheaper for most than either of the above options, once you’ve accounted for the initial cost of the bread maker. These savings will be higher if you make specialty breads as well as for larger families or households who may go through multiple loaves a week. 

Other Considerations

There are of course a few other considerations when weighing the cost vs benefit of buying a bread maker. Some of these include the health advantages, customization options, and other potential uses of the machine.

Health Benefits

Generally, homemade bread is healthier than store-bought. Besides lacking the preservatives and additives of mass-produced bread that is designed to keep longer, homemade loaves have more nutrients and the ability to customize the loaves with healthier ingredients.


Yes, a valuable addition of bread-machine bread in the ability to tailor your ingredients to suit your individual health needs. You can make loaves from whole wheat flour for more fiber or add quinoa flour for protein. On a low-sodium diet? You can limit the amount of salt you add to your own loaf.

breville custom is a bread maker worth it

Additionally, homemade loaves contain no trans fats (unless you add vegetable shortening or margarine). You can instead use unsaturated fats like olive oil or canola oil for heart-healthy benefits rarely found in store-bought bread.

Multiple Uses

To add to your pile of considerations when pondering the purchase of a bread maker, there are other uses to consider. Many bread makers come with additional settings, like jam-making, yogurt-making, or dough types. And one of my absolute favorite settings – pizza dough!

It’s a Friday night and your family is starving – or so they say. Instead of dropping money on a meal out or delivery fees, you can use your bread maker to make pizza dough, baking the creation yourself with customizable cheese and toppings. This alternative is healthier and saves you a pretty penny too!

Some other features to consider? Use a bread maker to make cakes, rice pudding, or scrambled eggs. You can use the dough setting to make dough for bagels, donuts, croissants, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, and even burger buns. Some machines also have a pasta dough setting. As they say in Italy, buon appetito!

Bread Makers Are Totally Worth It!

Mochi bread maker

A bread machine can be a worthwhile investment if you weigh the cost of the initial purchase with the potential savings and health benefits. We’ve covered the average cost of a bread maker and measured it against bakery and store-bought alternatives. You know to consider several factors in your bread machine purchase such as the promise of healthier bread, customizable loaves to suit your dietary needs, and the potential for other cost-saving culinary uses. 

Feeling empowered? You should. There are tons of options for every budget out there from the budget-conscious to the high-end. The next step is simply finding the particular bread maker that best suits your needs.

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