KitchenAid stand mixer colors

Every KitchenAid Mixer Color For 2021

KitchenAid is the pioneer of bright, bold kitchen appliances. They have brought out appliances in every color you can imagine, and plenty of others I bet you never knew existed. 

And just when you think they have run out of colors, they go and invent a new one.

In 2018, KitchenAid introduced the ‘Color of the Year’, releasing a new and exciting color every year to liven up our kitchen countertops. To kick off the Color of the Year, they introduced ‘Birds of Paradise’, a tropical pink that “ignites the sense of freedom and travel to exotic destinations”. I’m not sure about all that but it’s a very pretty flamingo pink color.

As for this year, Honey was the latest color to delight the loyal KitchenAid devotees. With golden and orange undertones, KitchenAid aimed to bring warmth into people’s homes with this summer-inspired stand mixer. 

By my estimate, there have been over 90 KitchenAid mixer colors, and of course, that number will continue to grow. In terms of their availability, some of these were released as limited editions, so it’s unlikely you will be able to find all of them. Also, although many of the colors are available in a variety of models, the Artisan mixer has the largest selection of colors by a long way.

With such a large selection available, I guarantee there’s a color that will match your kitchen palette. If you can find it, that is. 

And there lies the biggest problem. Although KitchenAid has an amazing array of colors, there isn’t really a definitive list where you can browse all these colors and marvel at the amazing selection available to you.

Because of this, I decided to put together a complete list of KitchenAid colors. After endless weeks of research and several liters of coffee, I have found every single KitchenAid color known to man. Here’s an image that showcases my findings.

My KitchenAid Color Top Tip: You will find that varying colors will also provide different textures. For example, glossy colors will provide a really smooth finish. Matte colors are slightly rougher, while the metallic colors have a noticeable coarse finish. If you really want a KitchenAid with a crazy texture, make sure to have a look at Imperial Black or Gray!

The Most Popular KitchenAid Mixer Colors

Where do you even begin picking your favorite color out of this endless selection? It’s a daunting task, believe me. For many of us, it helps to narrow down the search by seeing the most popular KitchenAid colors. 

In 2020, KitchenAid conducted a study consisting of over 5000 KitchenAid customers, 100 from each state, to discover what America’s favorite KitchenAid color was. 

They discovered that the most popular color was Blue Velvet. This calming, warm matte blue is a favorite in 18 states, followed by Sky Blue and Kyoto Glow as the second and third favorite in another 18 states combined.

Here’s list of America’s Top 9 most popular KitchenAid colors:

  1. Pistachio 
  2. Empire Red
  3. Kyoto Glow
  4. Matte Black
  5. Contour Silver
  6. Copper Pearl
  7. Blue Velvet
  8. Matter Dried Rose
  9. Aqua Sky

Didn’t find the color of your KitchenAid dreams on this list? Well, lucky you, ‘cause we still have another 81 to go through! Here’s every KitchenAid mixer color, broken down by their palette group.

Every KitchenAid Mixer Color



Bing Cherry

Matte White

Almond Cherry

Fresh Linen


White is one of the most common neutral colors that not only look great complimenting a primary or secondary color palette but also look amazing if you are going for a more minimal kitchen design.

When it comes to your KitchenAid, there are 10 different whites to choose from. This ranges from the classic ‘White’, one of their best-selling colors, to newer additions like almond cream. 

Fun Fact: When KitchenAid released the H-5, the first commercially available stand mixer the company made, white was the original KitchenAid color. Their color range started to expand in 1955, with the introduction of 5 colors; pink, copper, chrome, yellow and green.

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Matte WhiteXX
Almond CreamX
Bing CherryX
Fresh LinenXX
Pearl White MeringueX
Frosted Pearl WhiteXXX


Contour Silver

Medallion Silver

Sugar Pearl Silver

Cocoa Silver

Metallic Chrome

Silver Metallic

Brushed Nickel

My Favorite: Metallic Chrome

Silver is another neutral color that will look great in just about any kitchen. If you have other appliances in your kitchen that use silver accents, then this will be the perfect addition to your countertop. 

If you are looking for something that will complement stainless steel, then Contour Silver is a brilliant choice, it is also one of America’s top 10 most popular colors. If you want something a little more unusual, then Custom Metallic Chrome is about as crazy as it gets! 

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Contour SilverXXX
Medallion SilverXXXX
Sugar Pearl SilverXXXX
Cocoa SilverX
Metallic ChromeXX
Silver MetallicX
Brushed NickelX
Nickel Pearl Polished MetalX


Dark Pewter

Liquid Graphite

Imperial Gray

Matte Gray

Pearl Metallic

Nickel Pearl

My Favorite: Pearl Metallic

There’s something really elegant about a gray KitchenAid stand mixer, they are one of my favorite palettes. If you have a modern kitchen or use black appliances and countertops, then grey could be the perfect complementary color for you. 

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Dark PewterXXX
Nickel PearlXX
Matte GreyX
liquid graphiteXXX
Imperial GreyX
Pearl MetallicXXX


Onyx Black

Matte Black

Starry Night

Cast Iron

Imperial Black


My Favorite: Starry Night

Onyx Black is the most popular black KitchenAid stand mixer ever. It has a high gloss finish and looks elegant on every kitchen counter and offers a real contrast if you have a lot of white in your kitchen. 

That said, if you are looking for something a bit more exciting, there’s plenty to choose from. You can opt for Caviar or Starry Night, which both have a mesmerizing glitter-like sparkle, or Imperial Black and Cast Iron Black, both of which have a really unique rough texture to them.

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Matte BlackXXX
Imperial BlackX
Starry NightXX
Cast IronXX
Onyx BlackXXXXX
Licorice X


Empire Red

Candy Apple

Hot Sauce

Gloss Cinnamon

Passion Red


My Favorite: Empire Red

When it comes to the red palettes, there’s one tint that stands out above the rest: Empire Red. It’s KitchenAid’s answer to Ferrari Rosso Corsa (you know, that classic Ferrari red color). Between the classic White and Onyx Black, Empire Red is up there an iconic KitchenAid color. Hell, it’s even the color of their logo!

That’s not to say it’s your only red option though, of course, it isn’t! You can opt for a dark and moody Gloss Cinnamon, or something a little more sweet and vibrant like Candy Apple.

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Empire RedXXXX
Candy AppleXX
Hot SauceX
Gloss CinnamonXX
Passion RedXX





Orange Sorbet

My Favorite: Orange Sorbet

We have already spoken about Honey, the newest color to be added to the KitchenAid collection for 2021. With its addition, it brought your selection of orange stand mixers to a total of 4. 

All the oranges have a fairly high gloss finish, and the textures are the same.

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Orange SorbetX


Butter Cup

Majestic Yellow

My Favorite: Buttercup

If yellow is your color, you might be slightly disappointed with your selection. Currently, there are only two yellow KitchenAid stand mixers to choose from. By KitchenAid standards, that’s pretty tame! In fact, this is the most limited of any palette.

That said, both yellows are gorgeous and will really and a splash of color to your countertop. If you really have your heart set on a yellow stand mixer, then you could have a browse of the orange palette above. Some of them, like Sorbet Orange, walk the fine line between both colors. If none of them take your fancy, then the Pear color might!

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Majestic YellowX


Birds of Paradise

Guava Glaze



Raspberry Ice

Matte Dried Rose


Raspberry Ice

Feather Pink

My Favorite: Dried Rose

You already know about Birds of Paradise (which is gorgeous) but with another 8 pinks to choose from, there is a great nice range of various tints and hues here.
My personal favorite is Dried Rose, it’s slightly darker and a bit more moody than some of the brighter pinks available. There’s also a matching replacement bowl which would look absolutely amazing with this mixer!

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Bird of Paradise XX
Guava Glaze XX X
PinkX X
Raspberry Ice X
Matte Dried RoseX X
Silk Pink X
Feather Pink X


Black Violet




Lavender Cream

My Favorite: Boysenberry

Purple is a great choice if you want to add a splash of color, without the high impact of yellow or pink.

Although there are only five KitchenAid purple colors to choose from, the selection feels bigger than that, as the colors change pretty drastically. On the lighter end of the spectrum, you have Lavender Cream, with a creamy and glossy finish. On the other side, you have Black Violet, a dark royal purple color, with a matt finish and a rougher texture.

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Black Violet X
Bordeaux X X
BoysenberryX X
Lavender CreamX
Purple Plum Berry X



Copper Pearl


Truffle Dust

Antique Copper

Toffee Delight

My Favorite: Espresso

Antique Copper was one of the 5 colors KitchenAid introduced in 1955 that really helped to kick start the KitchenAid color revolution. Although Antique Copper is still available, the modern reinvention of this color is a bit jazzier than the original, which had a closer resemblance to Copper Pearl.

The range of Copper and Brown KitchenAids is pretty generous, with 8 to choose from. Espresso is perhaps the most interesting here.

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Champagne X XX
Copper Pearl X X
Truffle DustX
Antique Copper X
Toffee DelightX X


Matte Avacado

Bay Leaf

Canopy Green

Green Apple




Kyoto Glow


My Favorite: Pebbled Palm

When I get my next stand mixer, I already know which color I will be choosing. I would pick up a Pebbled Palm in a heartbeat. No doubt I would get a toaster and kettle to match too. Unfortunately, this color wasn’t available when I got my current KitchenAid, but I have since fallen in love with its matt finish and rough texture. Paired with a chrome gold bowl and I wouldn’t be able to wipe the big grin off my face for weeks!

You can also get Shaded Palm, which is the same as Pebbled Palm but without the texture. This color can only be found exclusively at Crate & Barrel.

I admit Pebbled Palm might not be for everyone. Because we are talking about KitchenAid here, there’s plenty of other greens to choose from. 

Fun Fact: Kyoto Glow was Color of the Year for 2020!

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Matte avocado Green X
Bay Leaf X X
Canopy GreenXX
Green AppleXXX
PearX X
Kyoto GlowX
Honeydew X
Pebbled PalmX


Aqua Sky Blue

Azure Blue

Blue Willow


Cobalt Blue

Crystal Blue

French Blue

Ice Blue


Ink Blue

Matte Velvet Blue

Mineral Water Blue

Misty Blue

Ocean Drive

Sea Glass

Sea Shimmer

Twilight Blue

My Favorite: Matte Fog Blue

Last, but certainly not least, is the blues. Not only is ‘Blue Velvet’ America’s favorite color, with 19 different varieties, the blue KitchenAid stand mixers also have by far the largest selection of any palette.   

As you would expect with such a large selection, there’s plenty of blues to choose from.

ColorArtisan Mini Artisan Artisan DesignClassic PlusProfessional 600Professional 6500Pro LineCommerical
Ice Blue XX X
Aqua Sky XX X
Azul BlueX
Sea ShimmerXX
Blue WillowX X
Cobalt BlueXX
Crystal BlueX
French BlueX
Glacier BlueX
Matte Velvet BlueX
Ink BlueX
IceX X
Ocean DriveXX
Twilight BlueX
Misty BlueX
Mineral Water BlueX
Azure BlueXX
Sea GlassX