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The 6 Paddle Attachment Substitutes: What Can I Use Instead?

As a baker who makes cakes and cookies regularly, you love the paddle attachment and rely on it the most for your baking tasks. This versatile tool takes over the time-consuming activity of mixing, stirring, and folding, and does this gently without over-arating your batter.

Most baking recipes, particularly big batch ones, require some degree of appliance-based mixing. The paddle attachment aka your flat beater is the perfect tool for all your pre-baking needs. This is a popular attachment that comes with a stand mixer. However, a few hand mixer brands offer this as an additional accessory. 

Although some bakers enjoy the traditional way of manual mixing, the rest of us prefer to let sturdy kitchen appliances do all the hard work. 

But what happens if you’ve misplaced your paddle attachment? Or it broke mid-beating but you have to make that birthday cake for this evening? Don’t worry, all is not lost! 

Here are all the paddle attachment substitutes you can use instead, and I bet you have most of them in your house already.

What Is The Paddle Attachment?

The paddle attachment or the flat beater primarily whips or mixes your ingredients together to create smooth but denser batters. Home bakers use it to cream sugar and butter and obtain that fluffy, light, and creamy texture.

Flat Beater

The paddle attachment is designed like a spade or rounded triangle with spokes inside. This allows it to mix ingredients thoroughly from top to bottom but without adding too much air into them.

Why Use A Paddle Attachment Alternative?

With the flat beater, you save time and whip up delicious cakes and cookies with much less effort.

What happens when you simply don’t own a stand mixer? Or your paddle attachment has chipped or oxidized.

Perhaps you’ve had to dig out your mixer from the basement and seem to have misplaced the paddle attachment. Regardless of the reason, you need some quick paddle attachment alternatives to continue your baking project. 

These substitutes will get you that smooth batter or glossy buttercream but most of them will require arm power on your part and take time.

Here are what I consider the best tools to match the mixing skills of your flat beater.

Best Paddle Attachment For Mixer Substitutes

1) Wire Whip/Balloon Whisk

wire whisk whisking batter in metal bowl

Best For: Whisking eggs, meringue, cake, creaming.

Whether handheld or an electric mixer attachment, this is one of the best mixer paddle attachment substitutes. The wire whip is a multipurpose tool and should be your first choice for making a swap. 

You can whip eggs, create airy buttercream, make delicate batters, or for any recipe that needs a good amount of fluffiness or light peaks.

Wire whips are easily available in a general or baking store. Many use them to make cookie dough and cake batters. However, be prepared to raise a sweat as you whip up ingredients by hand for a while. 

whisk batter

Hand-held wire whips are not as sturdy as your flat beater. These compact mixers clog up when you mix thick batters that contain little liquid, and can wear down really quick. You can replace damaged ones just as quickly, as these are pretty cheap.

Your paddle attachment can handle cold ingredients with ease. With wire whips, you need ingredients at room temperature for the mixing to be perfect. 

If you’re salivating on some chiffon cake or macarons, then the wire whip does a great job whipping up enough air for an incredibly light delicacy.

2) Hand Mixer

electric whisk

Best For: whisking eggs and meringue, mashes, sauces, cake, and cookie dough.

The hand mixer with its beater attachment is hands down the best alternative. The beaters can do everything that your paddle attachment does and some more. You can use this with any baking recipe that requires a paddle or wire whip.

From mixing moderate to dense batter, creaming and beating butter, mashing up frozen fruits, and whipping cream and eggs, the hand mixer can do it all. It achieves a fine and silky mixture without altering the texture or consistency.

Best Hand Mixer With Very Slow

As with your stand mixer, you need to keep the settings low to medium to avoid adding too much air to your heavy cake batters. Crank up the setting a little for some heavy-duty whipping.

Watch that you don’t try to mix anything too heavy with your hand mixer though as they are not built to withstand tougher ingredients. 

3) Wooden Spoon

wooden spoon mixing eggs and flour

Best For: Thick batter cakes, cookie dough and sweet breads.

If you’re in the mood for baking a delicious pound or fruit cake with a thick batter, your wire whip, whisk, or egg beater is not the ideal tool! You will be spending as much time cleaning the batter stuck in the gaps in the wires as getting the batter ready. This is definitely a messy and onerous experience that takes away the joy of baking.

Grab your wooden spoon, preferably one with a long handle, and start mixing! This might take a while…

A wooden spoon is a safe and simple manual option that gives your greater control over folding and mixing. Besides, it can’t get any easier than cleaning a spoon than by licking it clean.

4) Silicone Spatula

silicone spatula with chocolate cupcakes

Best For: Mixing ingredients, folding batter, and icing 

If you don’t stock wooden spoons, use your silicone spoon or spatula to fold in some meringue or gently mix flour and other ingredients into your flour batter. The silicon spoon works like the flex edge beater and comes in handy when you want to make some delicious icing or scrape the mixture out of the bowl.

As it’s flexible by design, your silicone spoon requires more effort on your part. But works great in making sheet cakes or pastries that require a gentle hand.

There are downsides to using these flexible spoons though. They aren’t that great in whipping air into batters, so you’ll need a wire whip or hand mixer to go along with you silicone spatula.

5) Egg Beater

metal egg beaters

Best For: whisking eggs, delicate cakes and meringue, cake and cookie batters, sweet breads

Okay so egg beaters sound old fashioned, and they are, but hear me out. They are actually a great mixer paddle attachment substitute. Although this manual method does involve some arm grease, it will aerate your batters to perfection. 

The egg beater works its magic on delicate batters and lighter mixtures, from meringues to your angel food cake.

6) Beating by Hand

While this labor-intensive option may seem a bit desperate, beating by hand works when you feel, well, desparate!

Although you are a bit limited on what you can mix with your hands, you will find that most recipes for shortcrust pastry and biscuits recommend you use a hand to blend in butter bits with the flour.

what does egg do in a cake

What’s Your Favorite Paddle Attachment Substitute? 

There you have it, all the paddle attachment substitutes you can get! Some are more efficient than others, and 

The wooden spoon and spatula are perfect for mixing batters that need less air incorporated into them. The balloon whisk is a great alternative when you need some whipped cream or meringues.

The trusty hand mixer provides mixes similar to the stand mixer and is by far your best paddle attachment alternative.

Mixing by hand is the least efficient of these methods for making batters. This is often the best way to make crumbly dough for your pie crusts or kneading bread dough.