Savory Delights

Baking isn’t just about the sweet stuff!

how to prove bread

How To Prove Bread

Proving (also known as proofing) bread is probably the most important part of making homemade bread. Well, devouring warm, fresh bread straight out of the oven …
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why let dough rest?

Why Let Dough Rest?

You can easily pick up a loaf of bread at your local bakery, or you can spend hours, if not days, trying to create the …
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Is my yeast active?

Is My Yeast Active?

Have you had your yeast sitting in the fridge or in your pantry for longer than you can remember? I still remember that time I attempted …
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Why score bread?

Why Score Bread?

I always get drawn to the intricate designs on loaves in a bakery. Bread scoring patterns can vary from just a simple cut along the side, …
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