Smeg Stand Mixers Colors

Smeg Mixer Colors: Every Color in 2023

Smeg designs, and manufactures, an amazing range of kitchen appliances; everything from refrigerators and dishwashers to ovens and stand mixers.

While Smeg has an extensive range of asthenic lines, all of which have their own quirks and characteristics, their ‘50’s Style’ range boasts some of the most-popular Smeg appliances ever created. These retro appliances, which include their popular stand mixer, have won numerous awards and accolades including; the Good Design, iF Design Award, and Red Dot Design Award.

When it comes to the Smeg stand mixer, these machines are kitted out with all features you would expect in a high-end appliance; a powerful motor with direct drive, planetary motion mechanisms, food attachment hub for additional accessories, and plenty of other noteworthy characteristics. With all Smeg appliances, however, looks are just as important as performance. After all, it’s part of the reason why Smeg appliances are so expensive

In this article, I want to share with you every Smeg stand mixer currently available to help you find the perfect machine to match your kitchen color palette.

Don’t know where to start? Here are five of my favorite smeg mixer colors!

Smeg Mixer Colors

Although no brand can beat KitchenAid when it comes to its color range, Smeg has more than enough colors to complement your kitchen’s aesthetics. The sleek and gorgeous design of the 50’s Style mixer, paired with the right color, is guaranteed to make a stunning addition to your kitchen countertop.

When it comes to Smeg mixer colors, you have two options; Partly-colored and full-color mixers.

Confused about whether to go for a full-color mixer or a partly-color machine? Fear not, I will help you navigate the differences between the Smeg SMF02 vs SMF03 mixers and the slight distinctions between each machine.

Part Colored Smeg Mixers 

The partly colored 50s Retro stand mixer model – SMF02 – currently comes in six color variations. The mixer head is colored in these models, while the rest of the body is metallic silver.

All these mixers come with stand accessories that include; a beater, whisk, dough hook, pouring shield, and the 5-quart mixing bowl in stainless steel.

As with both the SMF02 and the SMF03, all Smeg stand mixers have a power hub, allowing you to attach extra smeg mixer accessories including; a pasta roller, three pasta cutters, an ice cream maker, a grater and slicer, and a food grinder.


The mixer head has a coat of glossy jet black while the rest of the aluminum body is painted silver. This is the perfect mixer to complement a darker kitchen color palette.


The cream color also comes with the usual attachments and settings. A perfect color for modern kitchens with bright colors and minimalistic style.


Love the red Smeg mixer but prefer a touch of subtlety? The tilt-head model is an awesome combo of silver body and bright red mixer head. A great way to add a splash of color to your kitchen countertop.

Pastel Blue

This mixer model is perfect for those who want a soft and soothing color that is both contemporary, yet retro, at the same time. It comes with all the bells and whistles Smeg mixers are famous for.

Pastel Green

If you have a pastel color décor in your kitchen, this stand mixer in dual shades of pastel green and silver will fit in perfectly.

Soft Pink

Love a splash pink but don’t want it to overpower your kitchen or dining room look? If so, this partly color Smeg mixer will be right up your alley.


This silver-on silver mixer scores both on looks and performance. The mixer head has a darker shade of silver compared to the glossy body, giving the appliance a stylish touch.

Full Color Smeg Mixers 

The robust SMF03 and SMF13 mixer models feature a lovely full-color body. Unlike the dual-colored version where only the mixer head is painted a unique color, these stand mixers have one assigned color for the whole machine.

Like the part color Smeg mixers, these come with the standard baking accessories, food guard, food attachment hub, and five different food attachments to make pasta, ice cream, grate veggies or mince the meat.

That said, there are some slight differences here too. The SMF03 and SMF13 mixers both come standard with a Flex Edge beater. The SMF13 also comes with a glass mixing bowl, instead of a stainless steel one, although is also an optional after-market accessory that is available for the other mixers models.


For those who love bold colors, the red Smeg stand mixer is a great choice. A full body red makes everyone stop and take notice of this gorgeous machine.

Slate Grey

This is the most recent color to be added to the Smeg stand mixer range. Hitting the shelves in April 2021, the full body slate grey color of the mixer gives it an elegant and contemporary touch. 


Black oozes luxury and elegance, and this mixer is no exception. Nothing showcases minimalist perfection better than the full-color model of Smeg stand mixers in rich and glossy black.


If you liked the part cream version, you’ll love the mixer in full cream color. A color gentle on the eyes and blend in with your kitchen scheme.

Sicily is my love

If you are a fashion-conscious baker looking for the ultimate stand mixers fashioned by designers, your search ends here. 

Dolce and Gabbana and Smeg collaborated to create a line of kitchen appliances with a rich decorative pattern and bright color palette that embodies the bright and beautiful colors of Sicilian art. The centerpiece of the D&G X Smeg collab, however, is their fridges. The range is made of 100 unique FAB28 refrigerators, all of which have been handpainted by traditional Ciclian cart painters.

The collaboration also includes a myraid of countertop applinces including; a toaster, juicer, coffee machine, blender and of course this stunning stand mixer.

White (SMF13)

The all-white body is made of die-cast aluminum with a glossy finish. This is the only model which comes with a glass mixing bowl instead of a metal one. 

The glass bowl has measurements that enable you to measure ingredients and enable you to see the ingredients being mixed. The bowl can be heated in the microwave for up to 15 mins at 300 watts and stored in the freezer for 24 hours.

Smeg SMF02 vs SMF03: What’s the difference?

As you’ve seen the two models are tilt head mixers with similar mixing bowls, baking parts, and food accessories.

When it comes to other features including dough capacity, motor or speed or operational settings (machine overload cutoff or safe start), there isn’t any difference between the two.

The two main differences between the two happen to be color and an extra baking accessory.  

The SMF02 is part colored stand mixers from Smeg, while the SMF03 have mixer bodies in one color. 

The other important difference is the extra beater attachment you cn use with SMF03. The flex beater with a silicon edge is offered as an add-on. This nifty tool is useful for mixing sticky batters that tend to lodge themselves on the sides of the mixing bowl.

Another advantage of the one full-color mode, the all-white SMF13, is that it comes with glass mixing bowls instead of the metal ones. Although they come with the added benefit of being able to measure stright into your bowl, it does have a downside, in that you can’t attach the ice cream maker attachment to the glass bowls.

Do all Smeg mixers tilt back and have one-size bowls? 

Yes, they do. 

Sadly, you don’t have the option of larger bowls that come with a bowl-lift model or the lower capacity bowls that are offered by other tilt-head mixer brands.

However, one of the Smeg mixer types has a flex beater option.

These mixers have more powerful motors of 800 watts compared to other brands, including some of KitchenAid’s home baking series. 

While Smeg stand mixers are all tilt-head type, they are designed in the ‘50s Retro style’ that gives a gorgeous, sleek and curvy look. 

While the three basic models of Smeg stand mixers have the same design, they do come in different colors.  

Which Smeg mixer should you buy?

Given the slight differences between the full color and dual color models, you might be confused about which Smeg stand mixer you should buy and with good reason. After all, these are all tilt-head mixers with the same powerful motor, standard baking and cooking functions, and numerous common attachments.  

The choice boils down to two things. 

  • Whether you are happy with the standard beater or you’re interested in the add-on flex beater.
  • Are you willing to shell out $50-100 more for the full color mixers?

The all-white Smeg mixer (SMF13) with its glass mixing bowl is out of the reckoning for ice cream lovers. Smeg’s glass bowls are sadly incompatible with your ice cream churning bowl.

The part-colored and other single-colored models come with stainless mixing bowls. You can add an extra glass or metal bowl to your collection.  

Whether you opt for the full color model (other than white) or the dual-color version is all about the flex beater and the higher price. 

Do you prefer a full-color or partly-colored Smeg stand mixer?