Smeg stand mixer attachments

Smeg Stand Mixer Attachments: Every Accessory in 2023

One of the best things about high-end stand mixers is that they can do so much more than just mix ingredients. Clever designs have enabled manufacturers like Smeg and KitchenAid to turn their machines into multitasking marvels, just like the bakers and chefs who use them.

The multi-purpose nature of our stand mixers is made possible through the use of what we call an attachment, or multi-purpose, hub. KitchenAid was the first manufacturer to kick-start this trend, with their multi-purpose hub being a key addition to their mixers since they first hit the shelves in 1919. 

These simple, yet extremely clever, designs allow you to use the mixer’s motor to tackle a myriad of tedious tasks. They transform your stand mixer into a multitude of machines including; a meat grinder, pasta roller, vegetable grater, juicer, and even a flour mill.

Although KitchenAid leads the pack when it comes to stand mixer attachments, there are plenty of other brands that offer a good range of extra attachments too.

Smeg’s gorgeous retro style stand mixer might not be the cheapest machine but they have the ability to take on some multitask jobs. Today, I want to share with you every Smeg stand mixer attachment currently available. Some of these are standard ones that come with your Smeg mixer, while others have to be separately purchased.

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Smeg Stand Mixer Attachments 

Let’s start by having a look at the main mixer attachments. These accessories are a standard part of the package when you first buy your Smeg mixer. Of course, you can also buy these replacement Smeg stand mixer attachments separately too. These attachments are all attached under the mixer head and attached using an easy push and twist action.

Flat Beater

The flat beater or paddle attachment is the go-to accessory for many home bakers. From creaming butter and sugar, beating heavy frostings and cake batters, to mixing cookies and purees, this handy attachment can handle most baking tasks you throw at it.

These 3-inch long beaters are strong and made with aluminum alloy to match the material of the mixer. Like many stand mixers that use flat beaters, the crossbars within the Smeg beater are designed to allow for the machine to effectively incorporate ingredients into one another.

While the flat beater is dishwasher-safe, Smeg recommends that you hand wash this attachment to maximize its lifespan.

Wire Whisk

The whisk attachment is perfect for baking prep work that needs incorporating air into thin batters or liquid mixtures. Use this to make frostings, meringues, whipped cream, and custards.

The whisk, also known as a wire whip, has an aluminum body while the wires are made of high-quality stainless steel. Because of this, the 2-inch tall and 2-inch wide accessory is not dishwasher-friendly. Wash by hand to avoid early retirement.

Dough Hook

When you want to make pizzas, pasta or bread dough, this hook comes in very handy. Most stand mixers, Smeg included, come with a C-shaped hook. This is the standard shape for stand mixer dough hooks, although KitchenAid does offer a spiral hook for some of its professional models.

The dough hook, like the flat beater, is made with durable aluminum alloy and works with a single color and dual color Smeg mixers. This accessory comes with a 1-year replacement warranty for manufacturing defects. You can was it in the dishwasher too!

Flex Edge

The flex edge beater allows you to reach for sticky batter stuck to the sides of the mixing bowl. This works better than the regular paddle attachment ensures a smoother and well-mixed batter or frosting.

Unfortunately, the flex beater is provided only for stand mixers with full-color models (SMF03). The beater is made with a high-quality body made of stainless steel with silicon edges. 

The flex beater also comes with a 1-year warranty but is not dishwasher-safe. Hand washing is highly recommended with these attachments.

Pouring Shield

While many mixer brands, including KitchenAid, offer the pouring shield only on specific models or as after-market add-ons, your Smeg stand mixer comes standard with a ladle-shaped shield.

The shield fits on the top of the mixing bowl and allows you to add ingredients without worrying about liquid splattering on you or flour flying around.  

The spill-proof shield is transparent and made of durable plastic, but this makes it unsafe to clean in the dishwater. 

Smeg Mixer Bowl Replacement

Your choice of smeg mixer bowl replacements is fairly limited. In fact, they only have a single-size, 5-quart, bowl currently available. This is usually made with stainless steel, although you can now buy a glass bowl with the same holding capacity too. 

The bowls made with polished stainless steel come with a handle that makes it easy to remove and carry the bowl. It also has a spout to ensure fewer spills while pouring out the batter or liquids in a baking tray or container. They also come with the added bonus that they can be stored in the freezer and washed in the dishwasher.

The glass bowls are made with robust and thick glass. They come with some handy measurement markings in both ounces and cups, reducing the need for cleaning extra measuring jugs.

Unlike their stainless steel counterparts, the glass bowls are microwave safe and you can store the frosting or other mixes in the freezer. These bowls are a standard part of the white mixer model (SMF13) and are compatible with other full-color models too (SMF03).

Smeg also offers a 1-year warranty on both types of mixing bowls.

Multipurpose Hub Attachments

Although you won’t find the endless range of attachments like you do with KitchenAid, Smeg does have its fair share of multipurpose attachments. Here are all the mutipurpose smeg stand mixer attachments currently available. 

Pasta Cutter/Roller

With the pasta cutter and rollers, you can use your Smeg stand mixer to make different types of pasta with fresh dough. Flatten your freshly prepared dough and push it through the roller to make pasta. Specific blade attachments allow you to make various pasta shapes.  

You can purchase the roller separately and add any of the individual blades you prefer. The outer body is made with chrome steel while roller parts are made with anodized zinc alloy. You get to choose from 10 settings (from 4.8 mm to 0.6 mm).

Smeg has 3 pasta blade options to make fettuccine, spaghetti and tagliolini. The fettucine blade retails for $99.99, while the other two sell for $104.99.

The pasta maker works with the Smeg models using stainless steel mixing bowls and comes with a free cleaning brush.

Pasta roller and blades (set of 3)

The plain stainless steel roller attachment is sold as a set with 2 blades to make fettuccine and tagliolini.

The pasta roller and cutters are not dishwater safe and have to be washed by hand. Don’t soak them in water or use abrasive cleaners.

These blades and roller are made in Italy like most other attachments and come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Ice Cream Maker

The ice cream maker is perfect for all those sherbets, frozen yogurt, gelatos and popsicles. 

The Smeg version comes with a double-wall cooling container that attaches to the bowl. This produces 1.2 quart or 1.1 kilos of ice cream in less than 30 minutes. 

You also get a centering ring, mixing spatula, transparent lid, ice cream beater and a special mixing spatula and a magnetized adapter.  

The beater adaptor enables you to switch from the regular paddle to the one meant for the ice cream mixer.

Made with stainless steel, this ice cream maker accessory is dishwasher safe. On the flip side, you can’t use it with the glass mixing bowls.

Slicer & grater

The slicer attachment allows you to reduce clutter in the kitchen by minimizing the number of slicers and shredders you have at home. Easily prepare meals from slicing veggies and fruits to shredding cheese and tofu.

The slicer/shredder has a plastic body and a plastic food pestle or pusher. Smeg has provided a handle and lock and unlock system to insert the different slicing cylinders or drums in the plastic housing.

You have 4 changeable drums or cylinders made of stainless steel. A slicing blade for chips, a coarse grater for hard vegetables, fine shredder blade for nuts, cheese and chocolate, and a medium grater or everything else.

The coarse shredder is good for hard and root vegetables, and with the slicing blade, you cut any suitable vegetable for chips or crisps. 

The blades and the housing are not dishwasher friendly, and hand washes with soap and water is necessary.

Food Grinder

Last, but certainly not least, is the multi-purpose food grinder. This hand attachment is great for mincing vegetables, although most of us will predominantly use this for making mince, allowing you total control over what goes into your ground meat. Using one of the three stainless steel disks, you can control the size of the grind depending on your requirements, offering a coarse, medium, or fine mince.

The grinder also comes with a sausage and Kebbe accessory, allowing you to make your meaty creations completely from scratch. You’ll find a cleaning brush, food pestle/pusher, and food tray in the kit too.

The grinder attachments have an aluminum alloy body. This means your basic grinder tool will last longer than all plastic ones. The grinder parts can be safely cleaned in the dishwater.

Can you use third party attachments with your Smeg?

Sometimes you want to use a specific attachment not offered by your brand. There are numerous third-party attachments that do work with KitchenAid.

While they are certainly third-party accessories that will work with your Smeg models, this isn’t a ‘one-size fits all’ deal, so so before you start shopping online, check with the third-party manufacturer for compatible products.

And, don’t forget, vendor attachments can damage your mixer, or nullify your warranty if your mixer develops problems.