Largest Smeg Fridge

The Largest Smeg Fridge in 2023: My Top 8

What is the largest Smeg fridge? This is the age-old question that people ask when they are looking for a stylish fridge that can cater to large households. Smeg fridges come in a wide variety of sizes, so regardless how many moths you are feeding, there is bound to be one that is perfect for your needs. 

Whether you need a small fridge to store a few items or a large fridge to store the weekly shop for your entire family, Smeg has you covered. If you are looking to buy a Smeg fridge but are not sure which one is the biggest, here I have compiled a list of the biggest Smeg fridges available in 2022.

The 8 Largest Smeg Refrigerators

Smeg has a variety of different styles of refrigerators, the most popular being their FAB50, Portofino, Universal, and Victoria models. The problem is, depending on where you are in the world, you might struggle to find every style of Smeg fridge, as the company’s distribution becomes a bit limited outside of mainland Europe. If you do a little bit of research around where to buy a smeg fridge, you are bound to find a decent selection of large smeg fridges, regardless of which side of the pond you live on.

That said, Here’s eight of the biggest Smeg fridges currently available.



Total gross volume: 622L

Fresh food compartment: 373L

Total frozen food compartments: 204L

Total storage volume: 577L

The SBS660X is a new addition to Smeg’s Universal range.  It has two doors, side by side, and is a free-standing fridge meaning you can install it yourself and with a total volume of 622L, the SBS660X is currently the largest Smeg Fridge you can get your hands on.

Ths fridge is certainly a looker too, with its stainless steel body and a silver finish. The exterior is finger print-proof which minimizes the appearance of grubby hand prints all over your beautiful fridge.

The main refrigerator compartment has three adjustable shelves and two fruit and vegetable drawers. All the shelves are glass and can be moved to the desired position or can be removed to make more space for larger items.

The inner door refrigerator has an egg tray as well as five adjustable shelves. In the main fridge and door section, you will find an interior light, a fan, and an antibacterial odor filter which helps keep your fridge smelling fresh.

The freezer compartment is on the left side which comprises of are two drawers and three shelves, all of which are glass and all adjustable. The inner door of the fridge has an additional five shelves so there is plenty of space to store your frozen foods. Other features include a fast freezing compartment and ice tray shelf.



Total gross volume: 604L

Fresh food compartment: 368L

Total frozen food compartments: 170L

Total storage volume: 538L

The SBS661X7 is the next biggest fridge Smeg produce. This model is also a side-by-side fridge freezer, this time with the addition of an ice and water dispenser on the freezer side. It has a stainless steel exterior with a silver finish, similar to the one above, and just like with most Smeg fridges, this one is also finger-proof. There is also an LCD screen to control the ice and water dispenser.

The fridge compartment has three adjustable glass shelves and two glass fruit and vegetable drawers with crisper covers. The bottle rack is located under the top shelve where you can store wine or canned drinks.

The inner door has one shelve with a transparent cover, one adjustable shelve, and three spaces for large bottles. Don’t not forget about the egg tray at the top of the door fridge either. Other features include a fan, ionizer, and antibacterial odor filter.

The freezer compartment has four adjustable door shelves and in the main body of the freezer, there are two adjustable glass shelves and two drawers at the bottom.



Total volume: 581L

Fresh food gross volume: 385L

Frozen food gross volume: 196L

This fridge freezer is part of the Victoria range. With a nostalgic, look, it brings a unique vintange aesthetic. It has a white finish with chrome trim and is designed to be free-standing. The refrigerator compartment is on the top and the freezer compartment is at the bottom with a total of four doors. This makes the fridge incredible versatile and with a total capacity of 581L, you have plenty of space to store all your favorite foods.

The refrigerator compartment has two adjustable shelves and two fruit and vegetable drawers, all of which are glass. This might not seem like a lot of shelves but the width of this fridge is much larger than most so it can store a lot more food.

The inner door of the fridge has an egg tray and one adjustable shelf on the one side and two shelves of the other door.

The freezer compartment has three adjustable shelves and two drawers. There is also a fast-freezing compartment and ice cube tray. The no-frost system means that you don’t have to manually defrost every so often.

Other features include a multi-flow system that distributes the cold air evenly throughout the fridge, ensuring your food is maintained at the correct temperature.

The Victoria fridge comes in three different colors; cream. black and blue.



Totaly volume: 572L

Fresh food compartment: 376L

Frozen food compartment: 196L

Another fridge in the Universal range, this time with four doors rather than two. It has excellent capacity and is perfect for those with larger families.

it has a stainless steel exterior that is smudge and finger-proof. The fridge compartment has two adjustable shelves and two large drawers with crisper drawers. The drawers are kept at the optimum temperature to keep fruit, veg, meat and fish fresh for longer.

There is also a wine rack, bottle holder and egg tray. The door fridge has four adjustable shelves with 2 bottle shelves.

The freezer compartment has three adjustable shelves, two drawers and an ice cube tray. As with most Smeg fridges, there is a no frost system and a multi-flow cooling system that keeps the air consistent throughout the fridge.

UKS8L1721F (Fridge)


Total Volume: 311L

The UKS81721F is the largest built-in Smeg fridge on the market. This is a standalone fridge without a freezer compartment. It can be installed independently or alongside the matching freezer for maximum capacity. The full-size freezer is the UKS8F174NF which I will briefly go over below.

This is also part of the Universal range and has a stainless steel finish with a fingerprint-proof coating. The fridge compartment has five adjustable shelves and one large drawer. There are no wine or bottle racks in the main compartment of the fridge

The inner door has one shelve with a cover at the top so you can store things like eggs, three adjustable shelves and one bottle shelve at the bottom.

This fridge benefits from a revisable door so you can position it to open from the left or the right, depending on your needs. Cleaning is also made easy with the automatic defrost system and the fast cooling function maintains freshness throughout.

Despite Smeg fridges being notoriously known for not being energy efficient, the UKS81721F has an impressive A+ energy rating.

UKS8F174NF (freezer)


Total Volume: 208L

This is the freezer version of the fridge I just mentioned above. This standalone freezer is a great option if you need more freezer space or if you have one of the smaller fridges with a small freezer compartment and are looking to expand your freezer capacity.

It has a total of seven compartments, which is quite a lot for a freezer. Five of them are drawers and the remaining two have a flap.

It features a fast freezing function, control lock, temperature alarm and a cooling timer.

Unlike its fridge counterpart, this one is not as energy efficient and is rated F.



Total volume: 268L

Fresh food compartment: 196:

Frozen food compartment: 72L

The UKC81721F is the largest built-in fridge freezer. It features a reversible door. This comes in handy if you want to change the direction the door opens, depending on your kitchen layout.

The fridge compartment features four adjustable shelves and two fruit and veg crisper drawers. The inner door has two adjustable shelves, a shelf with a transparent cover at the top and a bottle shelve at the bottom. Like with most fridge, there is also an egg tray.

The inner door has four shelves with a cover at the top so you can store things like eggs, three adjustable shelves

Despite this being the largest built-in unit, the freezer section is actually quite small with only 3 shelves.



Total volume: 481L

Fresh food compartment: 344L

Frozen food compartment: 137L

I could not end this list without mentioning the iconic FAB range. The FAB range comes in different sizes, ranging from the mini retro fridges to the two-door fridges.

The FAB38 is the largest retro fridge freezer. Its curved shape, bold colors and retro style bring a whole new character to your kitchen. 

The capacity is quite impressive for a retro fridge and suits a large family perfectly. You can also get it in 6 different colors, black, cream, pastel blue, pastel green,  red and white, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that suits your kitchen.

The fridge section has three adjustable shelves and one fruit and veg compartment. The inner door also has three adjustable shelves as well as a section for tall bottle at the bottom. The fridge features a multi flow system, a fan and an ionizer, as well as an interior light.

The freezer compartment is at the bottom and consists of two drawers and 2 shelves.

On the downside, there is no egg tray or ice cube tray.

Smeg has a wide selection of fridges and a lot of these have a large capacity fit for larger families. What I like about Smeg is that they give you lots of options, so you can find the perfect fridge for your needs and personal style.

You can choose from regular stainless steel to a vintage or even retro. Their fridges match every kitchen layout and every color palette.

Make sure to check that these are available in your country before your buy as Smeg can be quite difficult to source depending on where you are.