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The Best Bread Makers for Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread, that uniquely favoured loaf, is always a crowed pleaser. But what you might not know is that to make this type of bread requires a little extra work.

Most people use their bread makers tend to bake a regular white or bown loaf, that requires generic yeast bought from the supermarket. Sourdough, on the other hand, requires what is known as a ‘starter’ to leaven the bread. The natural fermentation of the starter yeast is what gives sourdough it’s slightly acidic taste. A starter needs to be fermented and fed over the course of 5-7 days and if done right, you’ll have the perfect base for your sourdough bread. 

Sourdough bread required a longer raising time compared to that of bread made using baker’s yeast. Because of this, not all bread makers will have the ability to bake sourdough bread. You will need a bread maker that has an adjustable rising timer. Since not all bread makers have this option, we want to help you find the best bread maker for sourdough bread so we’ve tested 3 of the top, best-reviewed bread makers, that will help you whip up a tasty sourdough loaf.

You can’t really fault Breville kitchen equipment and this bread maker is no different. It’s consistently one of the best bread makers out there and a favourite of ours here at Baking Love. It is one of the most versatile bread makers out there with 13 different settings, varying from your basic bread setting to even a jam making setting; although most people tend to stick to the bread-making aspect of this machine! It also offers 3 crust colours.

The Breville bread maker is also great because it offers flexibility in quantity, with 4 different loaf sizes from 1 pound to 2 ½ pounds. If you enjoy a loaf with some nuts and dried fruit, this bread maker has a dispenser where you can add ingredients and it automatically dispenses the nuts and dried fruit during the kneading process. 

What makes this the best bread maker for sourdough bread are the adjustable settings. This allows you to customise the time for your sourdough bread. There is also a setting which are specifically designed for baking sourdough. All you need to do is put the bread maker on the crusty loaf setting and the delayed time allows you to put in the desired baking time for your sourdough bread. 

So this bread maker seems to have everything you need. 


  • Stainless steel
  • 13 settings 
  • Adjustable time and temperature in every phase
  • 4 loaf sizes 
  • Collapsible and removable paddles 
  • Sourdough bread setting
  • Automatic dispenser
  • LCD screen 
  • Built in light for better view of the baking process through the window
  • 46 step by step recipes in manual


  • Quite big – may take up some space on the counter top
  • Can be shaky and noisy during the kneading process 
  • No top heating element – bread might come out an uneven colour
  • Thin, unpolished aluminium loaf tin – can dent easily
  • On the pricier side

 Overall, this bread maker can not be faulted. Yes, it may be a bit loud and might take a wander along the counter top, but nothing a wet cloth can’t fix. 

More importantly, it is easy to use and is perfect for sourdough bread. This sleek stainless steel bread maker will be a great addition to your kitchen top. 

The Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker is another favorite of ours. It may look like something out of the early 2000’s and lacks a finesse, but don’t be fooled, when it comes to bread this little machine knows what it is doing. 

What makes this bread maker stand out from the rest is it’s two kneading paddles. It ensures that all the ingredients are mixed and kneaded to perfection. It also has a longer loaf tub, making some great size loads. And with the capacity of up to 2 pounds there will always be plenty of bread to go around!

Another great feature is it’s heating elements, something which other bread makers do not have. It’s top heating element ensures that you’ll have a perfectly even colour each time. Although it does not have an automatic ingredient dispenser like the Breville, it beeps when it is ready for the ingredients to be added manually. 

The best feature of all, which makes it one of the best bread makers for sourdough bread, is that it has its own sourdough setting! It can make the sourdough starter and the ability to manually adjust the time means you’ll have perfectly baked sourdough bread. 


  • Large loaf tin
  • 10 pre programmed settings 
  • Top heating element for even browning
  • Removable paddles
  • Adjustable timing
  • Durable 
  • Quieter than other bread makers
  • Has sourdough starter setting
  • Quick bake cycle


  • On the pricier side
  • Old design 
  • No ingredient dispenser 

Certainly, the cons aren’t enough to put you off this exceptional bread maker with its own sourdough setting! The quality of the bread is guaranteed to be top notch each time, whether you want a quick bake in just a few minutes or a tasty sourdough. Better yet, it comes with measuring cups and spoons. It may not be as budget-friendly as other machines, but if you’re serious about your bread making, this is a great investment and addition to your kitchen. 

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, this is the one. The Cuisinart has a sleek, minimal appearance and with a price tag that won’t leave you weak at the knees. Its durable stainless steel material means it’ll last forever and it’s small stature, it won’t take up much space in your kitchen. 

It has 12 pre-programmed baking settings and 3 crust settings so you can pick how dark or light you want your bread to be. It also has a large viewing window for you to watch your bread being made with anticipation! 

It only has 3 loaf sizes in comparison to the Breville and Zojirushi which have 4, but it will still yield a load up to 2 pounds. The Cuisinart also has a much longer cycle which can last from 3 to 5 hours. So if you are wanting a quick bake, this is probably not the best as you will be waiting a while for your bread.

Although the Cuisinart doesn’t have a specific sourdough setting, it’s delayed time of 13 hours means you can slow the rising time, which is necessary to perfect sourdough bread. 


  • Cheap
  • Durable 
  • 12 pre-programmed settings 
  • 3 crust settings 
  • Power failure back up 
  • Stay-cool handles 
  • 13-hour delay 
  • LCD screen with big viewing window


  • Long bake cycles
  • No ingredient dispenser 

This bread maker has everything you need to make sourdough bread. It also comes with its own recipe book and measuring cups and spoons which is a great bonus. 

The Verdict

All of the bread makers mentioned above have one thing in common; they have delayed timing.  This is essential for sourdough bread as it does not rise at the same time as bread made with bakers yeast. Sourdough required a slower rise and a delayed time setting is ideal.

So, when picking the best bread maker for sourdough bread it really comes down to the details of each bread maker. If you are planning on making the occasional sourdough bread and don’t want to spend much on a bread machine, I would suggest the Cuisinart. It’s compact size means it will not take up much space in your kitchen and it’s features, although basic, still work great when making sourdough bread. 

If you want an appliance that offers more than just your regular bread, the Breville is a no brainer. The fact that it has a setting that can be used for sourdough bread is ideal as you won’t have to do much. 

But, if you are wanting quality, top-class bread then go for the Zojirushi. It’s consistently reviewed as making the best quality bread, even better than the Breville.

Happy baking!

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