Third Party KitchenAid Attachments

Every Third Party KitchenAid Attachment Worth Knowing in 2023

The prized KitchenAid mixer is popular among home bakers for a good reason. While the mixers are appreciated for their world-class build, powerful motors and stunning design, these are also incredibly versatile machines.

If you have only been using your KitchenAid mixer for baking jobs, you’re not making use of its full potential! One of the biggest advantages of a KitchenAid stand mixer, by far, is the abundance of attachments available.

These mixers come with a multipurpose power hub that allows you to attach or remove any accessory you need. 

The hub enables you to turn the mixer into anything from a juicer to a grain mill or a pasta press. This obviously makes these stand mixers one of the best nifty tools at a home baker’s disposal. But, these attachments, like the mixer, aren’t exactly cheap. Sadly, for the average home baker, buying these attachments requires a lot of money. Collecting these extra attachments isn’t a cheap hobby unless you have a few hundred dollars of spare cash lying around. 

Thankfully, there are options out there that mean you don’t have to shell out a lot of cash or sadly carry on without using these handy accessories. The good news is that there are so many great third party KitchenAid attachments available in the market. 

I have scoured the internet in search of the best third party attachments for your KitchenAid stand mixer so you don’t have to.

Want The Quick Comparison?

Here are a few of the most useful third-party KitchenAid attachments I think you’ll love!

The Best Third Party KitchenAid Attachments

Both the stand mixers and multiple attachments from KitchenAid tend to be expensive. But, lucky for you, there are plenty of offbrand KitchenAid attachments that are compatible with your stand mixer.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all of them are made with cheap materials simply because they cost less. A few are sturdy, more durable, and more costly than your KitchenAid attachment. Here are a few of our favorite third party KitchenAid attachments.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that while they are all KitchenAid compatible attachments, your warranty might be void if you use off brand KitchenAid attachments.

Standard Mixing Attachments

Let’s kick it off with the most common KitchenAid mixing attachments. All KitchenAid stand mixers come with standard baking accessories like the flat beater, dough hook, and wire whip. If you use your stand mixer often, you might notice your nylon-coated or burnished aluminum attachments starting to wear, chip or oxidize. Once this happens, most KitchenAid owners opt for stainless steel attachments or better quality ones. Here are some of my favorite off brand KitchenAid attachments.

Flat Beater Replacement

The third-party KitchenAid flat beater by “qAp quality art Practical” is crafted from durable stainless steel, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance. It has no coating, making it rustproof and also easy to clean. One of its standout features is its efficiency in mixing. The design of this paddle attachment significantly reduces mixing time, offering a fast and efficient mixing experience that saves you tonnes of time. This makes it an ideal tool for a variety of batters like cakes, cupcakes, brownies and is perfect for mixing stiff doughs like cookie dough.

In terms of compatibility, this beater is versatile and fits almost all KitchenAid 4.5qt and 5qt tilt-head stand mixers. To ensure a perfect fit, check their product page for model compatibility. While the product promises quality and efficiency, it’s worth noting that it’s an aftermarket KitchenAid attachment and not an original KitchenAid product. However, the company stands behind its product with a 100% money-back guarantee!

They also have flat beaters for the Artisan Mini and the larger KitchenAid stand mixers.

Spiral Dough Hook

Similar to the flat beater, the dough hook by “qAp quality art Practical” offers a robust alternative to the original KitchenAid accessory. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this dough hook boasts a design free of any coating.

The spiral dough hook offers a more efficient kneading process by closely mimicking hand kneading, ensuring even mixing and reducing dough residue, leading to a consistent texture and better oxygen incorporation for optimal baking results. The spiral dough hook is great for bread, pizza, pasta and any other doughs.

For the Artisan Mini check here and for the largest mixers, click here.

Kitchpower Balloon Whisk

The wire whip is an essential KitchenAid accessory. This replacement wire whip is made with stainless steel and works with KSM15, KSM110, KSM103, KSM75, KN15, K45, and KSM90 stand mixers.

Compared to the $24 replacement whisk offered by KitchenAid, this one is much cheaper and pretty durable too!

Flex Edge Beaters

A popular upgrade among baking accessories is the flex edge beater for tilt-head models. This is a handy tool for sticky foods that need constant scraping. When it comes to off brand KitchenAid flex edge beaters, this is the best one you can get.

Vaxaape Flex Edge Beater

This flex edge beater is designed for 4- and 5-quart tilt-head stand mixers. This beater is made with die-cast aluminum and comes with a Teflon coating and a silicone-based edge. It is safer and better than normal paddle attachments and makes mixing a breeze.

Grain Mills & Coffee Grinders

Grain/Flour Mill

Introducing the Grain Mill attachment, expertly crafted for all KitchenAid stand mixers. This efficient attachment can process up to 1 kg of cereal in just 10 minutes. Boasting a sleek metal finish, all of its components are detachable, ensuring effortless cleaning. With an adjustable regulator, you can easily set your desired grinding degree, catering to various textures and preferences. Whether it’s wheat, corn, soybeans, coffee, or other grains, this attachment promises consistent and versatile grinding for all your culinary needs.

Coffee Grinder

So, you could technically use the grain mill above to grind coffee, but have you been looking for an actual KitchenAid coffee grinder attachment? Have I got news for you! KitchenMod has released an aftermarket KitchenAid coffee grinder attachment on Amazon and it has some pretty good reviews. There is no official KitchenAid coffee grinder attachment, so this is your best option if you are in the market for one!

It’s light weight, easy to use and is compatible with every KitchenAid stand mixer. What more could you want?

Food/Meat Grinder

You can mince or grind meat, fruits, vegetables, bread and cheese with a food grinder attachment. These come with grinding plates as well as tubes for stuffing meat and vegetables. 

If the KitchenAid Metal Food Grinder ($49.99) doesn’t fit your budget or meet your grinding requirements, here are a few food grinder alternatives.

AMZCHEF Metal Food Grinder

The AMZCHEF is an all-metal grinder attachment that comes with similar features as a KitchenAid version.

The food grinder kit includes 2 sausage tubes – small and large, 4 grinding plates – coarse, medium-fine, fine, and kidney, along with 2 grinding blades, a food tray, a food pusher and a cleaning brush. 

This brand attachment is costlier than the KitchenAid grinder, but it comes with 2 extra grinding plates.

Leixe Metal Food Grinder

Leixe is again an all-metal grinder attachment that comes with similar features as a KitchenAid one. You get 4 grinding plates (including a kidney grinding plate), 2 grinding blades, 2 sausage tubes, a food pusher and a cleaning brush.

While it has the same accessories compared to AMZCHEF, it is much cheaper than both AMZCHEF and KitchenAid.

Antree Meat Grinder

Unlike the AMZCHEF or the original KitchenAid attachment, Antree meat grinder comes with a hard plastic casing and costs half the price. The meat grinder comes with a food grinder attachment, stainless steel cutting plates in both coarse and fine textures, grinding blades, filler tubes, a food pusher, and as a bonus gift, a brush.

The metal-based grinder attachments are likely to last longer and are more efficient than the all-plastic one from Antree. 

Citrus Juicer

These juicers come in handy to make a quick and nutritious juice when you’re in a rush to work.

InnoMoon Citrus Juicer

This hard plastic citrus juicer makes juicing large quantities of limes, oranges and grapefruit an easy chore. The dishwasher-safe InnoMoon juicer attachment comes with a straining attachment to remove pulp and seeds.

Pasta Rollers

The pasta roller helps you make a variety of fresh pasta with homemade dough. Simply flatten the dough and use the specific blade to make the pasta shape of your choice.  

Antree Pasta Roller

This white, stainless steel attachment comes with 3 blades that allow you to make fettuccine, linguine, spaghetti and lasagna. The 3 rollers are integrated into one attachment which means you can unroll three types of pasta or noodles at the same time.

Antree Ravioli Maker

Antree definitely makes the best aftermarket KitchenAid pasta attachments. If you are after a ravioli maker that can also make lasagna sheets and spaghetti, this is the one for you.


With this attachment, you can say goodbye to all those pieces of shredders and slicers lying in the kitchen drawer that you probably never use. From shredding cheese to slicing vegetables, your meal prep job just got easier with the attachable slicers and shredders. 

For perspective on price, the KitchenAid slice and shredder attachment comes with 3 blades and is priced at $49.99.

InnoMoon Slicer Shredder

Another plastic body attachment with 3 metal blade attachments. You have a fine shredder blade, a coarse shredder, a slicing blade and a food pusher.

The blades and the housing are dishwasher safe.

Airpro Slicer Shredder

A food-grade plastic body housing from Airpro but this one comes with 4 metal blade attachments. In addition to the fine and coarse shredder and the slicer, you have a grinding blade.

The blades and the housing are dishwater-friendly, but hand wash is recommended for long-term use.

Are 3rd Party KitchenAid Attachments Worth It?

The answer is: It depends. If you cannot afford some of the costlier attachments from the KitchenAid stable like the pasta roller or flex edge beater, buying a good quality attachment from a third-party manufacturer makes perfect sense.

When it comes to cheaper accessories like the citrus juicer, flat beater or balloon whisk, don’t settle for less. Getting a KitchenAid accessory is a better option for these kinds of attachments.

Want to know a trade secret? Cuisinart attachments fit into KitchenAid’s universal hub nd vice versa, so if you find a cheaper Cuisinart attachment, you can opt for that instead of

Remember though, while they are off KitchenAid compatible attachments, the company considers the warranty void if you use off brand KitchenAid attachments with your stand mixer. In the unlikely scenario that your mixer develops problems during the 1 to 5-year warranty period, this is something you should keep in mind. 

So, which third-party KitchenAid attachment was your favorite?