Where to buy a smeg refrigerator

Where To Buy a Smeg Refrigerator? The 13 Best Places

If you’re in the market for a new fridge, Smeg is certainly a brand worth considering. These Italian refrigerators are seriously stylish and come in a variety of different sizes and colors. Their retro fridge designs and bold colors have made the brand world-renowned and a popular choice for the fashion-conscious consumer.

As popular (and pricy) as these appliances are, sourcing a Smeg refrigerator can be a little tricky, especially a cheap Smeg fridge. The reason or this is that the brand is not exactly widely available and is not carried by many high-street appliance stores.

Here, I want to share some tips on where to buy Smeg fridges and some of the best places to buy a Smeg refrigerator.

Where To Buy a Smeg Fridge

USA Retailers


Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers and has anything and everything you could ever need – including Smeg fridges. However, their selection is not exactly overwhelming.

They carry the Smeg FAB32 50s Retro full fridge-freezer in white and cream. Both are priced between $3,500 to $4,000 which is a really hefty price to pay. Amazon also has a selection of mini-fridges in black, orange, and white. These will set you back around $2000.

Amazon is great for buying smaller appliances, but when it comes to Smeg fridges, it is probably not the best place. Although Prime members can enjoy same-day or next-day delivery, Smeg fridges usually take around 2 to 3 days to arrive.


Another online retailer that carries Smeg refrigerators is Wayfair. They have a much bigger selection than Amazon, with around two dozen different models to choose from.

Wayfair carries the 50’s Retro Style with a top freezer plus 10 different colors. It also holds the larger fridge freezers and there are 7 colors to choose from.

If you want something more quirky, take a look at the Mikey Mouse-inspired Smeg or the Union Jack.

One downside of Wayfair is that the fridges can take 3 to 4 weeks to be delivered, depending on where you are located in the USA. On the plus side, you can enjoy free delivery as a Wayfair customer.

If you are looking for some serious Wayfair perks, you can sign up for their credit card. With the cards, you can choose to get 5% back in rewards or no interest financing. If you are going to spend a small fortune on a fridge, signing up for their credit or MasterCard is definitely worth the extra effort.

AJ Madison

AJ Madison is an online retailer that specializes in appliances. They carry a wide range of brands and their website is very user-friendly.

When it comes to Smeg refrigerators, they have one of the biggest selections with over 30 different models to choose from. You can find everything from the 50’s Retro Style fridge-freezer to the freestanding refrigerators with LCD screens – the ultimate kitchen luxury.

Smeg has done their fair share of collaborations over the years and AJ Madison has a number of these special edition fridges. Some of the more popular include the highly coveted Dolce & Gabbana and Coca-Cola editions.

AJ Madison has a price match guarantee, so if you find the same fridge cheaper elsewhere, they will match the price. They also offer free delivery on all nationwide deliveries.

AJ Madison has plenty of sales throughout the year and also offers a rebate on some of the larger appliances. Check here to see if there are any rebates on Smeg fridges and appliances.

Considering they have the biggest selection of Smeg fridges in the US, AJ Madison is your best bet on getting your hands on the color and style you want.


Walmart is another retailer that has a wide range of appliances, including Smeg. But, if you walk into Walmart looking for a fridge, you will be disappointed. Their selection of Smeg products is limited to a kettle and a blender.

However, Walmart is worth the mention for the 5% cashback you get with every purchase.


Harrods is a luxury department store in London that carries a wide range of high-end appliances. Although it is a UK company, Harrods does ship products to the US in 3 to 4 days.

Unfortunately, Harrods does not hold any refrigerators but they do have a small selection of Smeg appliances, mainly pots, and pans.

UK Retailers


If you’re based in the UK, Amazon is a great option when it comes to buying a Smeg fridge. They have a slightly larger selection than Amazon.com but not by much.

You can find full fridge-freezers, freestanding fridges with a small top freezer and some mini-fridges.

Again, the Smeg fridges are not available on next-day delivery, but the mini fridges can be delivered in a few days and the larger fridges within a week. If you are dying to get your hands on a Smeg fridge but don’t quite have the funds, you can finance it for 10.9% APR.


AO.com is a UK-based retailer that specializes in electrical appliances and lots of other products, just like Amazon. Unfortunately, they don’t carry Smeg fridges. They do however have smaller appliances like kettles, toasters, and stand mixers.

AO has a price match guarantee on all other retailers, even on sales and you can pick up your collection from thousands of local collecting points as soon as the day after you place the order.


Currys is one of the UKs largest electrical retailers. They have one of the largest selections of Smeg products including their fridges and freezers. You can find most types of fridges apart from the mini fridges at Currys.

Aside from fridges, Currys has a wide selection of Smeg cookers, hobs, toasters, kettles and mixers. There are Currys shops all over the UK, so you should be able to walk into your local Currys and take a look at the Smeg appliances close up. You can get your favorite fridge delivered to your door for free with standard delivery.

Currys offer a price match guarantee as well as different ways to pay, such as flexible credit or trade-ins.


Wayfair also has stores in the UK and offers a wide selection of Smeg products. Unlike Wayfair.com, the UK based stores do not hold any fridges.

However, if you are after Smeg appliances, you can find a wide selection of toasters, blenders, stand mixers and attachments.

When it comes to purchasing products from Wayfair, they offer 0% interest with Barclays Bank so you can get all your favorite Smeg appliances hassle-free and stress-free.

John Lewis

John Lewis is a high-end department store in the UK that offers free delivery on all orders over £50. They have a wide range of large and small Smeg appliances, including fridges, ovens, hobs and even cooker hoods. You can also find some smaller electrical appliances like blenders and stand mixers.

If you’re looking for a Smeg fridge, John Lewis is a great option. They have a wide range of options to choose from and the customer service is excellent.

You can earn rewards by simply shopping with their Partnership Card at John Lewis and Waitrose (sister grocery store). With the card you get 1.25% back in the form of points towards gift vouchers that you can use. You can also use that card to gain points at any other shop that accepts Mastercard.

Harrods UK

Harrods, being based in the UK, has a wide selection of Smeg products available. Unfortunately, just like in the US, Harrods does not hold any fridge, but it does hold a lot of other small appliances. You can find coffee makers, kettles, toasters, blenders and juicers.

Harrods offers rewards for all its customers. For every £1 you spend, you will receive points that you can use in-store. The more you spend on your favorite Smeg appliances, the more rewards you earn.

Smeg Online Shop

You are probably thinking why I haven’t mentioned the Smeg website sooner. The answer is simple: because the website is only for UK residents.

If you live in the UK, you’re in luck because the Smeg website has a wide range of fridges, ovens, hobs, hoods, dishwashers and other small appliances.

The website also has a section for spare parts and accessories. You can also find a list of Smeg service centers in case you need to get your appliance repaired.The website is easy to navigate and you can filter by product type, colour or price.

The American website is more like a catalog and you can’t purchase anything directly from the site. So, if you live in the UK and are looking to buy a Smeg fridge, the best place to start is the Smeg website.

As you can see, Smeg is not as easy to get a hold on in the States as it is in Europe. However, with a little bit of research, you can find the perfect fridge for your home.

Whether you want the 50’s Retro Style or a more modern design, there is definitely a Smeg refrigerator out there for you. Just be patient and keep an eye out on those delivery times!