Where to Buy Zojirushi Bread Maker

Where to Buy Zojirushi Bread Makers: 9 Places To Grab a Bargain!

So, you are looking for Zojirushi bread maker? Great choice! I personally think Zojirushi makes some of the best bread makers you can get your hands on, and I’m certainly not alone on that one. Take a quick look at any user reviews and it’s always the same story – people frickin’ love these bread-making beauties!

Zojirushi has a few different models available, so be sure to do a little research and make sure you have identified which features are most important to you. The most popular models are the Zojirushi Supreme and the Virtuoso Plus although they also have smaller bread maker models available like the Zojirushi BB-HAC12 Home Bakery Mini and the Zojirushi Maestro.

So now that you have your heart set on a shiny new Zojirushi bread maker, you’re probably wondering where is the best place to buy a Zojirushi bread maker is. After all, they are quite pricy. Are there any retailers that offer heavy discounts on these bad boys?

There are a few different options but the most common place to find them is online on Amazon or eBay. They are also available to purchase in person from stores like Walmart or Target. However, the selection is usually limited and the prices are higher than what you would find online.

Looking for a bargain? Here are a few of my favorite deals on Zojirushi bread makers!

Let’s see where you can find the best deals on each of these models.

Best Place to Buy a Zojirushi Bread Maker


In my opinion, Amazon is usually the best place to buy a Zojirushi bread maker. They have a wide selection of models to choose from and the prices are typically lower than what you would find in-store. On Amazon, you can find the Zojirushi Supreme, Virtuoso Plus, Virtuoso, Mini Bread Maker, Maestro,and Maestro with Gluten-Free settings.

I have noticed the prices on Amazon tend to be slightly cheaper than most other stores. In fact, the Virtuoso Plus is over 20% cheaper on Amazon than it is on the Zojirushi Website.

Of course, another great thing about buying on Amazon is that for most of the Zojirushi bread machines, you can get next-day delivery with Amazon Prime. You could be making your first loaf in your brand-new bread maker by this time tomorrow!

Zojirushi Website

Perhaps the most obvious place to buy a Zojirushi bread maker is directly from the Zojirushi website. They have all of the different models available and you can find plenty of information and technical about each one. That said, the prices on the Zojirushi website are a little higher than they are on Amazon.


If you want to buy your Zojirushi bread maker in person, Walmart is probably your best bet. They have a pretty good selection of models to choose from and the prices are okay, with the exception of the Virtuoso Plus, which is almost $100 more expensive than on Amazon.

Walmart has all the different Zojirushi bread maker models available apart from the Virtuoso as it has now been discontinued and replaced by the Virtuoso Plus. The only place that holds a few units of the Virtuoso is Amazon.

If you can’t find them in-store, they are also available to purchase online.

If you do purchase anything from Walmart, you will get 5% cashback with Capital One, so be sure to check this out and sign up for their rewards program before you buy.


Target has a smaller selection of models compared to Walmart and Amazon. Currently, Target only stocks the Virtuoso Plus, the Supreme, and the Mini Bread Maker. Normally, the prices are cheaper than Walmart’s but slightly more expensive than Amazon’s. That said, as I write this article, Target has a sale on, and the Virtuoso Plus is currently priced at $230, which is the cheapest price I have seen so far! The same goes for the Supreme, which is currently on sale for $185

A plus in getting your bread maker from Target is that you can get 1% earnings if you join their Target Circle program. You can also treat yourself to a brand-new bread maker for your birthday and get 5% off your purchase!

Target also offers a ‘Red Card’ which saves you 5% off in-store and online on anything you buy.

You can get same-day delivery with Target, but with bigger appliances like bread makers, it will take a few days to deliver.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Although not as popular as the other stores, Bed Bath and Beyond also sell Zojirushi bread makers.

They stock all 4 Zojirushi bread makers. The Virtuoso Plus, Supreme, Mini and Maestro. The prices are similar to Target.

The bread makers are available only to buy online and will be shipped within a week. Bed, Bath and Beyond offer free delivery on all orders over $39 and offers a ‘My Funds’ rewards program. The program is designed to reward you each time you make a purchase and those rewards can be redeemed on any purchase.

Best Buy

Best Buy’s selection of Zojirushi is quite limited. It only has the Zojirushi Maestro and the Mini. Both bread makers are quite compact and perfect for those who don’t have much space in their kitchen.

You can order and pick up in-store within a week or get free delivery within 3 to 5 days. If you are not happy with your bread maker, you can return it for a full refund within 15 days or 30 days if you become an Elite Member.

Plus, if you have a Best Buy credit card you can get 5% cashback or 6% if you are an Elite Member.


Wayfair has a good selection of Zojirushi bread makers with 4 models to choose from. The Supreme, Virtuoso Plus, Mini, and Maestro.

If you are looking to buy from Wayfair, they have regular sales on their Zojirushi bread makers. Currently, they are around the same price as Target and Amazon.

For Wayfair rewards, you can sign up for their credit card or mastercard. When you make a purchase, you can choose to get 5% back in rewards or choose to purchase with no interest finance. Zojirushi is quite pricey, so applying for their cards is worth it.

When you purchase a Zojirushi bread maker, you will have it delivered to your door for free within a week.


If you want to get your hands on a Zojirushi bread maker for cheaper, eBay is a great place to bid on second-hand ones.

The prices vary depending on the seller and some are sold as just the machine, without the paddles or bread pan, so make sure you read the product description before making a purchase on eBay.


Sears has the smallest selection of Zojirushi bread makers, only stocking the Maestro. You can get the Maestro including a recipe book, oven glove and measuring spoons or the Maestro Bread Slicer Bundle.

Currently, they do have a sale on both, but without the sale, they range between $400 and $600, which is quite expensive for the compact Maestro.

With Sears, you can get 1% cashback in points for every $1 you spend as well as personalized coupons to suit your shopping tastes. Sears also offers the option to purchase the bread machines in 4 interest-free payments.

In regards to shipping, Sears offers free shipping for large kitchen appliances.

As you can see, there are many places where you can purchase a Zojirushi bread maker. The best deals can be found at Amazon, Target, and Wayfair. However, it is important to consider other factors such as shipping time and return policy before making your final decision.

If you are still unsure which Zojirushi you want to purchase, take a look at our full review of the Supreme vs Virtuoso Plus.