Best Cupcake Decorating Books

The 10 Best Cupcake Decorating Books in 2023

Cupcakes are a great little treat. Not only do they taste great, but they are also a brilliant way to show off your creative culinary skills. You probably already know that most cupcakes use a handful of simple ingredients; flour, sugar, and eggs. What really helps take your cupcake game to the next level, is your decorating skills and techniques.

While some mini cakes might look like works of art, believe it or not, decorating cupcakes for those Instagram-worthy pictures is a skill that can be learned relatively easily with the right guidance.

I have personally picked out some books that are jam-packed with beautiful photos and step-by-step instructions that will help you create the most amazing cupcakes your friends and family have ever seen. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker, there’s something for everyone on my list of the best cupcake decorating books!

Want The Quick Comparison?

Here are a few of the best cupcake decorating books I think you’ll love!

The 10 Best Cupcakes Decorating Books

The following decorating books are some of my favorite baking cupcake books that I guarantee will help level up your cupcake decorating game.

Hello, Cupcake!: Irresistibly Playful Creations Anyone Can Make

I personally think the cupcake decorating books from Alan Richardson and Karen Tack are some of the most creative, easy-to-follow ideas out there. This book, the teams first creation, no exception. The cupcake designs in Hello, Cupcake! are clever, witty, and really imaginative – perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of fun flair to their cupcakes. This book was so popular it even made it into the New York Times Bestseller list!

Hellow Cupcake is also filled with beautiful full-color photos that will help you visualize each step along the way and the instructions are really easy to follow. There are some really clever ideas in there too including; billiard balls, sunflowers and even a Van Gogh painting.

What’s New, Cupcake?: Ingeniously Simple Designs for Every Occasion

This is Alan and Karen’s sequel to their popular Hello, Cupcake! Like its predecessor, this book has a variety of cupcakes recipes and is ideal for a wide range of occasions and holidays. The cupcakes are really easy to make and the decorating is just as simple with step-by-step photos for each design, which makes these books a great choice for children who are starting their baking adventures.

There’s a bucket-load of clever ideas packed into this book!

Make It Easy, Cupcake!: Fabulously Fun Creations in 4 Simple Steps

Yes, this is ANOTHER cupcake decorating book from Alan and Karen, I promise they haven’t sponsored this article! Make it Easy Cupcake is the latest release in their series, hitting the shelves in 2018. Because this is their latest cupcake book, there are so many modern decorating ideas in here, which is why I actually think this is their best one yet.

There are over 100 new decorating ideas in here, so there’s plenty to keep you busy. My personal favorite is the backyard BBQ, I think the hot dog and slider cupcake designs are nothing short of genius!

As with all their books, I really like how Alan and Karen really walk you through all the techniques and tools you need to level up your decorating game. If you are really looking for the best Cupcake decorating books, you really can’t go wrong with this cupcake trilogy.

The Cake Book: Cupcake Jemma

I am a big fan of Cupcake Jemma and her delicious recipes, they never fail to impress. Her book, created in collaboration with Jamie Oliver, was actually one of the first cupcake-specific books I bought.

Jemma’s book isn’t about decorating as much as it is amazing flavor combinations, but I still think it’s worthy of a spot on this list. There are some seriously amazing combinations in this book, my favorites include the Eton Mess, velvet volcano and Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes.

There are about 50 different recipes packed into this little book, most of which are cupcakes, although there are a few cakes and loaves in there too. The book is broken down by the seaons, which I think is very clever, and offers the perfect cupcake flavor all year round!

The Official Harry Potter Baking Book

Okay, so this book isn’t specifically about decorating cupcakes, but I couldn’t resist adding this one to the list! For those muggles who want to add a bit of magic to their baking creations, this #1 Times Best Seller could be the perfect book for you.

The Harry Potter baking book contains over 40 recipes, 22 savory and 21 sweet, although there are only a couple of different cupcakes included within that. It also seems that many of these recipes are pretty advanced, so perhaps not the best book for young bakers just starting out.

Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes: Extraordinary Recipes and Easy Decorating Techniques

Lindsay Conchar takes a little bit of a different approach with her book Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes. The emphasis of books is more about substance than style, sharing a variety of delicious cake recipes, perhaps targeted towards a more mature audience. It’s not just recipes though, the book is filled with tutorials for creating a variety of cupcake decorating techniques that are guaranteed to help you achieve those show-stopping finishes.

Cupcake Cookbook for Kids

Have you got a little baker who wants to add a wow factor to their bakes? Charity Curley Mathews’ book offers a great introduction to winning-flavor combinations and frosting techniques.

Cupcake Cookbook for Kids gives budding bakers everything they need to become a master cupcake maker, packed with foolproof baking tips, handy decorating techniques, go-to frostings, and easy-to-follow cupcake and frosting recipes.

The recipes use an easy to follow, fun layout, although somewhat lacking in the picture department.

My First Cupcake Decorating Book: Learn simple decorating skills with these 35 cute & easy recipes

This is another brilliant cupcake book to help those little bakers get started, made for kids aged 7-11 years old. The recipes are simple and easy to follow, with step-by-step photos that guide you through the decorating process.

There are a total of 35 cupcake recipes included, covering all sorts of different occasions and celebrations. From Easter cupcakes and Halloween cupcakes to Christmas cupcakes and birthday cupcakes, this book has got you covered. There’s also a great selection of other sweet treats in here too, including cake pops and brownies.

What I really like about this book is the child-friendly section on basic cake decoration, offering an introduction into the world of piping and creating aesthetically pleasing cupcakes.

Buttercream frosting: 25 Amazing step by step recipes

Buttercream is one of the most versatile frostings and can be used to create a variety of cupcake designs. This book shows you how to make buttercream frosting, as well as 25 different cupcake decorating ideas that you can use it for.

From classic vanilla and chocolate frosting recipes to fun and festive designs, there is something for everyone in this cupcake decorating book. Maria will have you whipped into a buttercream pro in no time!

American Girl Cupcakes: Delicious Treats to Bake & Share

This is another cupcake book aimed at the little bakers (9-12 years) but the recipes here are so good, everyone will want to bake them!

There are cupcake recipes for every occasion, including birthdays, holidays, and even after-school snacks. The cupcakes in this book are easy to follow and make, and the designs are so cute and simple. I also really like that this book has a specific section all about frosting and glazing.

Cupcake Decorting Essentials: The Piping Kit

So you have the best cupcake decorating book to help you on your baking adventures, but alongside a good book, you are going need the right cupcake-making equipment. Of all the cupcake tools available, a good piping kit is arguably the most important. There are many budget-friendly piping kits out there that can be used for decorating cupcakes and cakes. To decorate cupcakes you need the following:

  • Piping nozzles large and small
  • Piping bags 
  • Coupler
  • Palette knife
  • Cupcake holders

Here are a few piping kits to get you started. 

Whether you are looking for ideas for classic cupcakes or want to learn how to create elaborate designs, these books have you covered. Cupcake decorating books is the best way to learn how to create beautiful cupcakes. With a good piping kit and a good book, you can create any cupcake design you desire.

Happy baking!